Saturday, February 8, 2014

Things I Love about Vacation

10 things I love about vacation

1. Warm weather (given this time of year, and the kind of winter we are having, of course that is going to be my number one choice.)

 2. Clear blue water

3. Not having to cook for a week

4. Not having to clean for a week

5. Fruity drinks

6. Fun times with friends

7. Fun times with my husband

8. Relaxing

9. Not having to drive for a week

10. No work, all play

Today is our first day on the ship. In cruises past, we absolutely love this day!

We have never been on this ship before, so it will be fun to explore and figure out where everything is. My husband asked me what I wanted to do first thing when we get on the ship. My answer: hang up and put away our clothes. He made me pick a different answer; so I said the first thing I would do is get a fruity drink. Then, we will head up to the spa deck for a tour (and hopefully a free massage).

We have been on five cruises together, and our last cruise was the first time we realized they were giving away free chair massages if you went on the spa tour. We will be first in line for the spa tour, this year!

What are your favorite things about vacation?

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