Monday, January 19, 2015

40 Weeks

It's BABY WEEK! We made it. Week 40.

I have my 40 week prenatal appointment today. At my last appointment, the doctor said that if baby wasn't here by the time of this appointment, we would start talking about scheduling an induction date. I'm not sure if he'll let us wait a week, or if he'll want to schedule the induction this week. Either way, I am so close to being able to finally hold my baby girl! I can't stop smiling!

First Trimester

Our Announcement
The Positive Test
Weeks 4-8
12 Week Ultrasound
Weeks 9-13

Second Trimester

Weeks 14-18
20 Week Ultrasound
Gender Reveal
Diaper Party
22 week Bump Photos
Niagara Falls Babymoon
Weeks 19-23
Weeks 24-27

Third Trimester
27 Week Maternity Photos
My First Baby Shower
My Second Baby Shower
Weeks 28-31
My Third Baby Shower
35 Week Sonogram
Weeks 32-35
Nursery Tour and Name Reveal
Weeks 36-39

Above is a summary of my pregnancy and below is a letter to my daughter.

Dear Piper,

I am 40 weeks pregnant and I can feel you wiggling your little feet inside as I write to you. I want you to know that I have truly loved you since the moment I found out I was pregnant. At that moment, an overwhelming feeling of joy and worry consumed me. I wanted you so badly, I prayed for you, and my prayers were being answered. This was a moment I will never forget. The first thing that I did after finding out that I was pregnant with you, was pray. Almost immediately, I felt a sense of calm that everything was going to be alright; you were going to be alright.

Appointment after appointment, you showed me the grace of God. You were perfect, little girl. You were perfect beyond my wildest dreams. You met every milestone, and you passed every test. Even while in the womb, you made us feel proud, you made us laugh, and you made us feel a love like no other. I can only imagine the impact you will make in our lives, once you finally arrive and we can hold you in our arms.

Your dad and I love you so much, and we can't wait to meet you; the true love of our life.

With a love like no other,

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