Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Recipe for Weight Gain

These past couple of days, I have been overeating and not drinking enough water. That's a recipe for weight gain. As you may know, I have ditched my monthly goals for April. Right now, I feel like I need to take things one day at a time. I have a goal of losing weight and so I need to make today count!

Goals for today:
Drink 120 ounces of water
Eat under 1800 calories
Exercise for 30 minutes

So far, today is going great!

Piper has been a little fussy these past couple of days but she is so much happier today. She has been doing so many new things; I am chalking the fussiness up to her mastering some new talents.

I downloaded The Wonder Weeks app on my phone today and I was happy to see that she is following it very closely!

I am looking forward to using The Wonder Weeks app for the rest of this first year with Piper. It gives me an idea of when she will be going through a leap in her development, and how I can help her get through it! The app was only $1.99 but it is already proving to be priceless to me.

The weather this past weekend was amazing! We were on the move and my cute little chick really enjoyed our adventures.

While my husband and I enjoy doing things as a family of three {we had SO much fun this weekend} we are also very much looking forward to a date night in our future.

Just a couple weeks away. We're planning on dinner and maybe a movie.

Readers, where is your favorite place to go on date night? What are you goals for today?

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