Friday, May 15, 2015

How I Got Pregnant with PCOS

Exactly one year ago today, I found out I was pregnant with Piper. I wrote about the day that I found out I was pregnant a the post called "The Positive Test". You can click the link to read more from that day.

Being here now, a year later, I am blissfully aware of how blessed I am to have had all of my prayers answered. I have Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOS). My husband and I went three years without being able to conceive a child; then, in the fall of 2012, I found out I was pregnant. My first pregnancy had only lasted about 7 weeks. Losing that baby broke me in a way I had never been broken before. It took courage, but I made a very important conscious choice after that traumatic event. I chose to put my faith in God and I continued down a path that would prepare my body for another pregnancy, one day. A year ago today, that day came. 

These are the things that I believe helped me to conceive, carry and give birth to my miracle baby, Piper Grace.

1. Prayer and Faith
I prayed every single day of my pregnancy. I prayed for my baby to be born healthy; that I would truly be able to meet my baby, and hold her in my arms. I was painfully aware from the past that this was not a guarantee, but I had hope and I was at peace with letting God do His Work on me and my baby. There comes a peace like no other when you simply let go, humble yourself, and submit yourself to Gods will.

2. Chiropractic Care
About 6 months prior to conceiving Piper, I went to the chiropractor as I had some upper back pain. During treatment, she noticed my lower back was also out, and asked if I had regular periods. (I did not have a regular cycle at the time.) When she told me this was something chiropractic care could help with, I was intrigued and began treatment in hope that it would help. At first, I was seen every two weeks and then progressed to once monthly as my cycle became more regulated. I was seen by Dr. Katie Kutterna from Progessive Chiropractic for about 6 months before I conceived Piper. Dr. Kutterna played an important role in helping my dream of becoming a mother come true. For 6 months, Dr. Kutterna worked on the area of the back that has nerves which specifically correlated with the function of my uterus (and thus, fertility). She helped my body prepare to conceive and carry my first born child. I could never thank her enough! (I also went to my chiropractor throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum to help alleviate any pain from carrying Piper, in utero and out).
disclaimer: not all chiropractors may believe in this treatment; it is important that you find a chiropractor that suites your own personal needs.

3. Living Healthier, Losing Weight and Exercising
I also believe that my healthy living choices helped me to conceive Piper. I took prenatal vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin C and folic acid for over a year before becoming pregnant with Piper. I also lost a total of 40 pounds before I conceived. I lost the weight the healthy way, too; through eating healthier, drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and regular exercise. It took time, but time worth spent.

Today, I celebrate. I celebrate an amazing year, and the beautiful baby girl that God has blessed us with. Piper Grace, you are the light in our lives. You were loved before I even met you.

{You can read more about Piper's birth story, here.}

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