Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

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Hey guys! How was your weekend? Ours was really, really great!

I took some time this Memorial Day weekend to really sit back and think about all of those who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so that we are able to live out our American dream. 

As Americans, we have it so good that it's really easy to forget that simple truth. It's good to have a holiday to help us remember that this life we have wouldn't be the same without our veteran's and those in active duty, now. So, thank you to service men and women and to their families. We are some very thankful people over here!

This weekend, we relaxed; a lot. We also had a lot of fun! Piper tried out her new swing {which took place of our beloved tire swing that use to hang from the big tree in our back yard}. I warned my husband that we would barely swing her when we went to put her in the new swing, but it turns out, this girl isn't happy unless she swings "high". {Don't worry, high to her and high to us are two very different things at this stage. I'm sure her father will really show her what high means next summer.}

My husband and I spent a little bit of time and got our vegetable garden in this weekend. It was such a beautiful weekend for planting. No wonder most people use this weekend to plant. We use to host a Memorial Day picnic every year, so planting was far from our minds around this time. We would always get our plants in late. Not this year, though. Everything is in and we're happy! We are growing squash, zucchini, cucumbers, jalapenos, red peppers, green peppers, green beans and tomatoes. Phew. Harvest time is going to be delicious!

Speaking of harvest time, planting always reminds me of my most favorite quote:

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant." 

Robert Louis Stevenson, I like you.

Readers, are you growing any vegetables this year? What is your favorite quote?

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