Monday, May 11, 2015

My First Mother's Day

Can I just start by saying that my husband treats me so very good? He made sure that I had a great first Mother's Day and I couldn't be more grateful. Don't tell him, but the truth is that my Mother's Day was going to be great regardless of his acts of kindness. I mean, how couldn't your Mother's Day be great when you're the mom of the sweetest little girl around?

Nick surprised me with some mommy coupons that I can redeem any time I need a break. He is such a good husband and dad, he already gives me a break whenever I need it, but this was just so sweet. It made me smile!

He also spent a lot of time making another one of my ideas come to life. If I think of it, he can make it happen. I love this guy! He made me an herb planter for right outside my door.

Not only will I have fresh herbs for whenever I'm cooking, but this planter also removed a safety hazard for Piper. It filled in a drop-off that was right outside our door.

Piper will be crawling {and dare I say walking} before we know it. This was a great Mother's Day present; just one less thing for me to have to worry about once the time comes! It was dangerous to have for adults, let alone a child. I'm so glad we found a nice {pretty} solution to that problem. We may even add on some additional drop down planters.

My first Mother's Day started off very peacefully. Both my husband and daughter were still sleeping when I woke up around 6 a.m. Nick had woken up with Piper around 4 a.m. and so they were taking and early morning nap.

I let the dogs out, admired my new herb planter and relaxed by the pond. It was such a warm, beautiful morning. I just couldn't help but think God is so good. He has blessed my family so abundantly. Not only am I a mother, but I'm a stay at home mother to this incredible baby girl. I live each day with such a grateful heart.

When Piper and my husband woke up, I fed her while Nick made us coffee and some fresh strawberry muffins for breakfast. What a treat that was! He is such a good baker.

Piper with Busha, Grandma, and myself.

It wasn't too long after breakfast that we were off to visit Nick's mom's side of the family. Piper got to meet her great grandma {Busha}. Busha is my husband's grandmother. Piper and Busha clearly love each other, already. Piper was laughing and smiling as soon as Busha started talking to her. It was the sweetest thing.

After we visited with Nick's mom's side of the family, we visited with my mom's side. We didn't get any pictures from that visit. My nana and papa were there and we all spent some time together on the back deck. It was so warm we actually had to go inside and take a break from the heat. Piper is not a fan of hot, hot weather {just like her momma}. Bring on the air conditioning!

The night before, Piper, Nick and I made canvas painting for my mom, his mom, and one for me to keep as well. If you ask me, the girl is an artist. I just love her handmade sunshine.

Readers, what did you do this Mother's Day? Who else celebrated their first Mother's Day this weekend?

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