Saturday, May 2, 2015

Piper Grace: Three Months

This post has taken me a little over a week to write. It seemed as if every time I went to write this post, sweet little Piper would automatically wake up from her nap and want to party. Silly girl!

My sweet baby Piper has turned 3 months old. This is a milestone I have been thinking about ever since we brought her home from the hospital. 

I've got to tell you, three months old is fun! Piper smiles when she sees a familiar face and she laughs at our {very funny} jokes. She is starting to pull things up to her mouth and squeals as she tries to eat them; things such as my hands, my face, stuffed animals, etc.

I am happy to say that Piper has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now! Piper has put herself on a loose schedule of eating every 3 hours throughout the day and then going anywhere from 5 to 7 hours throughout the night. We even got a couple nights of 9 and 10 hour stretches of sleep from her. My husband and I are two happy parents!

Piper likes:

- Watching Mom and Dad Cook: Piper really likes to see what is going on in the kitchen. I think we have a future chef on our hands!

- Being Carried in the Solly Baby Wrap: Piper usually falls right asleep as soon as I put her in the wrap. It's great for going on walks together, or anytime when I like to be hands-free with her.

- Listening to Dad Play Guitar: I left Piper home with my husband one morning and when I came back, he was playing his guitar for her. She really seemed to enjoy it!

- Shopping: Piper loves to go shopping! Grocery shopping, clothes shopping; you name it! She scans the isles and is so patient. This makes mommy one happy girl! We have been taking a lot of shopping trips together, lately. Even just to browse and get out of the house!

Car Rides: Piper now gets excited when we put her in the car seat! It's like she knows we are off to a great adventure. Or maybe she knows she's about to get a good nap in? Either way, she loves car rides!

Uncle Evan: Piper's youngest uncle, Evan, is 5 years old. She thinks he is hilarious. He can always make her laugh and smile. He helps her clap her hands and she really likes that!

Sitting Up {assisted}: She loves to sit up and look around like a big girl. When we are sitting with her, she will grunt as she tries to sit up further. She is gaining so much movement. She is so strong!

- Standing Up {assisted}: This girl loves to stand up! She always gives us a big smile to show us just how much she loves it, too! She has been picking up her feet, one by one, and bouncing up and down. It may be time to invest in an exersaucer!

Putting Everything in her Mouth: She has always loved her hands, and her fingers, but now she has figured out how to pull other things up to her mouth. She will pull my fingers to her mouth, my face, toys, etc.

Books: She loves to look at books and being read to. We have a book with different colored pages and her eyes always light up when we turn to the yellow page. Right now it seems like her favorite colors are yellow and orange!

Her Index Finger and Her Thumb: Some babies suck on their thumb. This baby, sucks on her index finger and her thumb, at the same time. It's her "thing".

Going for Stroller Rides: Now that it is finally Spring, we have found that she enjoys time in her stroller. As for now, the stroller rides put her to sleep, just like the car rides.

Piper dislikes:

- Gas
- Sleeping flat on her back.
- Tummy time, after about 90 seconds.
- Medicine. She has to take medicine for GERD and she doesn't like it one bit!
- Being taken out of a bath and the moments leading up to when she is finally dry and warm.


These past three months have been the best, most fulfilling months of my life. There are still moments when I wake up and can't believe I get to just spend my day being her mom.
It's been a dream come true!

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