Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tip for Tuesday: Healthy Choices

Yesterday was a great start to the week! I tracked my food/water intake and even got in a nice long walk with my girl, Piper. It was such a beautiful day! I pushed her in the stroller around our local park and she really enjoyed the ride. Just another day at the office!

My eating was pretty good yesterday. I have a lot of healthy food choices on hand at the house because I spent a little time planning ahead for this week. Planning ahead meals and snacks really makes a difference as to how my week will go. When I have healthy choices on hand, I eat healthier. Simple as that!

Healthy Choices of the Week:

Breakfast choices:
Oatmeal with fruit
Breakfast burrito

Lunch choices:
Salad with egg, tomato, cucumber
Turkey avocado wrap
Tuna sandwich

Dinner menu:
Monday - Grilled Chicken Salad
Tuesday - Fish with Asparagus
Wednesday - Teriyaki Pork with Veggies
Thursday - Steak Salad
Friday - BBQ Chicken Grilled Pizza

Snack choices:
Celery with peanut butter
Balance Bar
Bell peppers

If you notice, I like to give myself some different choices for breakfast, lunch and my snacks. If I were to eat the same thing every day, that would get boring, so I make sure to have at least three choices to choose from for my meals. The dinner menu is flexible, as well. Sometimes I'll switch up my days depending on what I am craving more. 

The great thing about planning ahead and having healthy choices on hand is that I have everything I need to make these meals and snacks at home, so there's no wasted time running out for ingredients throughout the week. I get my grocery shopping done for the week before the week even begins!

Readers, what healthy choices do you have on hand for this week?
*Stay tuned for a Balance Bar GIVEAWAY starting tomorrow!

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  1. We made the BBQ Grilled Chicken pizza and cooked it on our Traeger Smoker. It was so easy and soooooo good. We are making another one tonight!! Thank you for the wonderful recipe. You are doing great with your meal planning and being flexible while staying on track. Keep up the good work!! Your little Piper is adorable!!