Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Midway Check in June

Public Service Announcement: We are halfway through June, people!

How is your month going so far? Did you make any goals to reach this month? I made some goals for myself and it's time to revisit them.

Lately, I've been having a couple of these beauties for breakfast each day!


Drink 120 ounces of water each day. This isn't happening every single day, but it's happening more often than it was last month. Progress!

Eat home-cooked, fresh food, barely any frozen or boxed ingredients. My husband and I are doing much better at this goal. We have a meal plan for the week ahead and we've been eating some pretty good, fresh meals!

Exercise at least 3x per week. Ah! I have been working out but, only like once or twice a week. Looking forward to ending this month strong, with a better streak than that.

My husband has been making fresh homemade tortillas for our shrimp tacos!

So far, I am 2 lbs. down and I'm hoping to get rid of at least another 2 lbs. before we finish the month. Revisiting my goals is one way to help keep me on track. Here are a couple more things I am doing or plan to do to finish out the month on a good note: 

1. Keep track of our water intake on the fridge, above our "filling station".

2. Write out my workout plan for the week.

3. Write out my meal plan for the week.

4. Prep ahead any meals and snacks that require a little more time.

Big, fresh, beautiful fruit salad for breakfast and snacks!

Readers, how are you doing with your goals this month? What are you going to change to end the month even stronger than you began?


  1. I'm doing *okay* with my goals this month. Mine are to stay within my Weight Watchers points for the week, exercise 3x per week, and in bed by 11pm M-F. I'm doing great with my points, I've been exercising 2x per week on average--I just need to make myself get out of bed in the mornings. I've been good about getting to bed earlier as well. This wasn't a set goal, but I've upped my water intake as well, so that's good! My main focus now will just be actually getting out of bed to exercise.