Monday, July 6, 2015

Piper's First Fourth of July

My husband and I celebrated our first Fourth of July with Piper this weekend!

Piper is teething right now so we had a rough night on Friday but thankfully she was such a happy girl on Saturday for a picnic with my dad's side of the family. She did so well at the picnic! She enjoyed looking around and giving smiles to everyone.

It was so sweet to have Piper there with us; finally, I thought! I remember being pregnant last year during the 4th of July, wondering what it would be like with an infant this year. It's indescribable, the amount of joy she brings to us, even as we are knee deep in teething. Two bottom teeth at once is no joke; but she really is such a trooper!

Before the weekend began, I rushed to get some more items up and available at our Etsy shop, "Anything Rustic". We also went to the craft store and bought more material so I can work on making even more banners in the week ahead. My husband brought home some reclaimed wood that I'm excited to be working with this week, as well. Piper seems to be napping a little more often with her teeth coming in, so I have been taking full advantage of her naps by filling orders for the shop. It's been so much fun!

When I don't get a chance to finish everything I'd like to during Piper's naps, I then stay up late to work on orders, instead. My husband always insists that I sleep in during the weekends and I really took advantage of that offer on Sunday morning. When I finally woke up on Sunday, this is what I came outside to find. 

My husband was just walking Piper around, letting her explore the big world that is our backyard with her eyes and hands. It was so sweet. I snuck up on them to hear him saying, "Piper! Look at that! What is that?". My heart; it melts on a daily basis with these two.

Readers, how was your Fourth of July weekend?

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