Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten

My little brother was dropped off at my house after school yesterday. It was his first day of kindergarten! He had a great day at school, and a great time at my house afterward. He did a color activity and played with Piper. It was a good time!

After Evan left, my husband and I ate dinner. I made a really healthy dinner for us: Tilapia with fresh garlic and cayenne pepper and a side of brussels sprouts. It was really good and good for us!

If I would have ended the day with that dinner, yesterday would have been a super success as far as staying within my calorie range. However, since I have been keeping track of my calorie intake this week, I have been way outside of my ranges.

Monday: 2,333 calories
Tuesday: 2,306 calories

The 2,300 range is a good one for maintaining my weight, but that's not what I am going for right now. I want to lose it, and so I need to aim better for around 1,600 - 1,800 calories these first few weeks. The night snacking has been ruining it for me, again. There were a couple really indulgent treats in my house leftover from a visit from my in-laws earlier this week. Now that those are gone, I know I'm going to do better today!

Readers, how is your week going so far?


  1. The week is going well - I've exercised 3 times since Sunday, which is more than I've done the last 3 weeks combined!

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