Monday, September 28, 2015

The Light in the Woods

Finally! I can share the great news that has been keeping me so busy {and making me so happy} these past few weeks. But first, let's backtrack a bit.

As you may know, at the beginning of this year, two life-changing things happened to me and my family: I gave birth to my first child and, I left my career as a paralegal to stay at home with her. What an amazing journey this year has been for us all (and it's not over, yet)!

Along the way throughout new motherhood, I found myself missing the rewards of my past career, a job well done and all that jazz. So, about three months ago, I began to actively sell some handmade items from my very own Etsy shop "Anything Rustic". My husband, Nick, and I enjoy anything rustic, and so came the name for the shop! 

Nick has been making my personal rustic decor dreams come true for years now. After receiving many requests for his talents to be shared with others, this little online store was formed. Both my husband and I enjoy designing and creating rustic treasures. Anything Rustic's Etsy store is a place where we can showcase both of our talents and share the product of our work with the world!

One of the first items that became an instant hit in our online shop was our line of handmade burlap banners. We got the idea to make and sell burlap banners back when we were making our own decorations for my baby shower last year. I wanted a "baby girl" burlap banner and I wanted to make it ourselves (it's more special that way, right?). Wouldn't you know it, the "baby girl" banner is now one of the top sellers in our online shop! How special; the banner that began it all.

Now, fast forward 3 months since our first burlap banner sale and that brings you to present day. The great news that I have to share today is that our handmade burlap banners are now available locally at "The Light in the Woods" art and gift shop in Edinboro, PA!

"The Light in the Woods" is a local art and gift shop that specializes in unique and hand-crafted pieces by local artisans. The space that the owner, Jessica, has made for her shop is beyond description. When you walk into "The Light in the Woods" you are surrounded by such beautiful pieces. Her quaint and tranquil shop is one of my new local favorites (and not just because my banners are available there, trust me). Shopping at "The Light in the Woods" is an experience that you'll remember!

This past week, my husband and I have been working on filling the initial order for "The Light in the Woods". If I had to describe what that looked like this past week, I'd have to say we've basically been making the balance of "work" and "play" look like an art form. While working from home is not without it's challenges, it is extremely rewarding. Thankfully, we have great support from our family. Without a minute to spare, the order for the shop was filled and this dream of ours has become a reality!

Locals -- please consider stopping out to the "The Light in the Woods" in Edinboro! I promise you won't regret it (and tell Jessica I said "hi")!


  1. That's so exciting! Congratulations on your success!

  2. Congrats on getting your products into a store! I love the banners - they're very nice!