Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What Happened

So, last week I made some goals, and then I disappeared. What happened? Well, since you asked, I will tell you! Basically, I typed up some goals, shut down my computer and forgot all about them the second my crazy and fun weekend arrived.

After making goals for myself I realized that I had only 3 days left to prepare for our first in-person craft/vendor show for our new business, "Anything Rustic". This meant a lot of late nights of building up inventory, making plans and executing said plans. Dinner plans, however, were always last minute which kind of resulted in a lot of ordering out.

Our first vendor show was an amazing success! This event exceeded our expectations in every way possible. We had so much fun interacting with customers and we just loved sharing our work with the general public. It was so rewarding!

At the show, we were approached with two different and very great opportunities to expand our business. I don't want to talk much about those opportunities quite yet because further discussion needs to be had and logistics need worked out, but I can say that Anything Rustic is growing much more quickly than we ever expected. I keep pinching myself to make sure this is all real! I hope to have some really great news to share with you all in the coming months.

Something else happened last week... my sister got engaged! I found out on Wednesday and by Friday I was trying on bridesmaid dresses. I am the Matron of Honor and her wedding is going to be in March, 2016! That makes two weddings I'll be in next year. More reason to focus on my weight loss goals!

Also, Labor Day weekend really snuck up and took me by storm (in the best possible way, ever). My husband and I had so much fun with our little Piper this weekend. When we weren't at our vendor show, we were basically at picnics, having fun all weekend long.

We hit up 4 picnics in two days. You can just call us professional fun-havers. Yeah, that's us. We work hard and we play even harder!

Readers, how was your Labor Day weekend?

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