Sunday, October 11, 2015

Big Bridesmaid Challenge: Part II

Monthly goals are great to have but, I am craving something different. I want a goal with a deadline that isn't just the end of a month. I need more incentive to reach my goals (as if the incentive of better health wasn't enough).

As you may know, I will be in two weddings next year. My sister's wedding in the Spring and, my friend's wedding in the Summer. The last time that I was in a wedding was in 2012. 

For those of you who were readers back in 2012, you may remember how much anxiety bridesmaid dress shopping brought me at that time. Being a "big bridesmaid" came with it's challenges but, I'd like to think that I've grown since then, leaving some of those insecurities behind.

In effort to lose weight and feel better in my bridesmaid dress back in 2012, I created the "Big Bridesmaid Challenge". I updated my progress weekly and while I didn't meet my ultimate weight-loss goal, I did lose some weight and the challenge did keep me focused (or gave me something to refocus on when I'd stray).

So now, over three years later, here I am again, ready to begin what I will refer to as the Big Bridesmaid Challenge: Part II.

Since it just so happens to be coming up first, the Big Bridesmaid Challenge: Part II will be geared mostly toward my sisters wedding in March. My sister, Beckah, is my best friend on a level that only we could ever understand. I am truly honored and extremely happy to be the Matron of Honor in her wedding!

My sister told me from the very beginning that she wants me to feel good with the dress that I am going to wear at her wedding. She is even okay with her bridesmaids wearing all different styles (I think partly because she knew all about my past insecurities with bridesmaid dress shopping). Beckah may be young (19) but, she is one of the most considerate and caring people I know.

The Dress: Size 22, ordered in Mint.

The Goal:

First Goal: Reach 220 lbs. by my sister's wedding in March, 2016.
Second Goal: Feel better in the dress.

The Plan:

Weigh-in's will be every Sunday morning
Dinner and Exercise plans posted weekly

The Progress:

Starting Date: 10/11/15
Starting Weight: 245 lbs

Current Date: 10/11/15
Current Weight: 245 lbs

Total Loss: 0

Goal Weight: 220 lbs
Goal Date: 3/13/16

Pounds to Goal: 25 lbs

The Big Bridesmaid Challenge: Part II starts now!


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  1. Oh I love challenges! They help you so much!! You can do this! :)