Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meal and Exercise Plan 10/25/15 - 10/31/15

Yesterday, I shared with you most of the details from my long weekend. If you saw it, then you know that I ate out a couple days (in a row) and drank a little too much pumpkin beer ('tis the season, after all)! You can read more about my over-indulgent weekend, here: Long Weekend Recap.

In effort to keep myself accountable for this week, below are my exercise and meal plans for Week 3 of my Big Bridesmaid Challenge, Part II.

{exercise plan for week 3}

S - rest

M - Jazzercise!

T - rest

W - Jazzercise!

T - rest

F - rest

S - Jazzercise!

So, last week I found out that Jazzercise (in our local studio) is FREE for the month of October. I wish I would have realized that a little sooner but, I tried a class last week and one last night. So far, so good!

Picture of me leaving the house for my first Jazzercise class!

It's been really nice for me to get out of the house (alone) after being at home all day long, and the workout has been killer! I will give you more of an update on Jazzercise after I try a few more classes.

{dinner plan for week 3}

S - leftover chicken alfredo

M - chicken salad

T - fish with brussels sprouts

W - pork stir fry with rice

T - chicken salad

F - shrimp stir fry with rice

S - white chicken chili

I wanted to share my plan for this week before this week got too far away from me. So, there it is! I am a little behind on, well... everything right now. But, I'm catching up!

I will share the full recap on my progress (more like, lack thereof) from the second week in this challenge, tomorrow. After all, accountability is key and better late than never, right?

Readers, do you have an exercise and/or meal plan for this week?

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