Monday, December 7, 2015

A Christmas Party, Casino Trip and Uber Rides

This weekend, my husband and I went on a mini vacation. It was more like a staycation in the city.

My husband's work Christmas party was on Saturday and they hosted it at a hotel this year. It was so nice! We had a hotel room for ourselves and a couple of our friends decided to get one, too. My mom watched our daughter at our house overnight, so this getaway was really care-free for us.

The party was set up beautifully, the food was great and the drinks were free. Oh, and there was a photo booth, too. We had so much fun at his work Christmas party, as always. We look forward to it every year!

After the party, our friends took a complimentary shuttle with us from the hotel to the casino! Nick's birthday is in December and so he had $10 of free-play money to use. We played the slot machines with his free-play money for about 10 minutes. We lost it quick and then we were done. We aren't big gamblers. Instead of gambling, we went upstairs and listened to a band play with our friends. We had a lot of fun laughing with each other!

After the band was done, we went to the midnight buffet. It was pretty good, or at least we thought it was after the drinks we had that evening.

Before we left the hotel around 10 p.m. for the casino, we signed up for Uber. We had never taken Uber before but the hotel didn't do pick-ups after a certain time so they gave us a card for a free Uber ride. When we were ready to leave the casino, around 1 a.m., we called for an Uber and the driver arrived within 10 minutes. The driver was really nice and it was a great experience!

If you're in Erie and you want to try Uber before the end of the year, use the code: UBERINERIE and you'll get your first ride free like we did!

Readers, have you or would you ever consider taking an Uber? Do you have any Christmas parties coming up that you are looking forward to this year?

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