Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Piper Grace: Ten Months

Piper is going to be 11 months old next week, so I guess it's finally about time that I share her 10 month update. Now that Piper is mobile, the time sneaks away faster than ever before. We have been having so much fun with her these days!

I wrote a text to my husband this morning during Piper's morning nap. It went something like this: "Most days, I still can't believe she's here and healthy and perfect. It's almost been a whole year and I still feel like she's a miracle, every day". My mind and heart are still having trouble catching up with the times. After many years of uncertainty with infertility, God has truly blessed us! Piper is indeed our little miracle.

Ten months old is so much fun! I feel like I say that every month but it really is the best!

New tricks (or maybe I should call them skills):

- The week of November 18th, Piper mastered waving and managed to fully take every last piece of our hearts with how cute it is to see her wave back to us.

- When I say, "Piper, how big are you?" she raises her hands up in the air and I say "so big!". She loves that game.

- Piper loves to stand; mostly while looking out the window. She could stand at the window all day if I'd let her. Her longest stretch was a half hour, and that's when our neighbors house was getting sided. That was very entertaining.

- She loves to walk (with our help). She barely needs our help anymore, but likes the assurance of holding on to a finger or two of ours as she explores.

-CRAWLING! During Piper's 10th month with us, she officially became mobile! She is a crab crawler and boy is she FAST! Everyone warned us about how hard it was going to be once she started crawling but, it's just been so much fun! I love having her follow me around. We play the "you can't catch me game" probably 4 times a day. She loves to crawl after us!

- Piper cut her 6th tooth at 10 months, giving her two on the top and four on the bottom. The top teeth seem much harder for her to cut than the bottom teeth. It seems like she cuts her top teeth for weeks, whereas the bottom teeth just pop up out of nowhere!

Favorite foods:
Piper still loves homemade pasta and peas! She actually love all vegetables! Piper likes peas, green beans, carrots, black beans and sweet potatoes the most. She tried parsnips this month and thought those were interesting. She likes avocados, mashed potatoes, turkey, cheese, bananas and grilled cheese. Fruits seem to be her least favorite foods. We have been trying to give her some yogurt and fruit, like blueberries. Some days she likes it and other days she gives me a sour face. I'm sure she'll like fruit more with time. I'm so proud of her for being such a good vegetable eater! 

- Piper can say "mama", "dada", "mo" = more, "hi" and just in time for Christmas, "ssssdada" = santa.

At Piper's last pediatric appointment, on November 6th, she weighed 22 lbs and 13 oz, she was 30 3/4 inches tall and her head measured at 47.5 cm. The doctor said she is off the charts! She is in the 95th percentile for weight, she was 99.9 percentile for height and 99.5 percentile for her large head. 

We weren't too surprised at Piper's numbers at her last appointment because Piper has been big ever since the day she was born. We still have a doctor who believes she was due around Christmas instead on the end of January. Aside from being impatient to finally meet my baby, I remember that I physically felt like I could have gone on being pregnant for weeks more even at "40" weeks in January. It's a good thing that we did get induced when we did, though. My girl is big and beautiful, alright! Thank God for my healthy baby.

Here are some pictures of Piper's 10th month with us:

Piper celebrated her first Thanksgiving with us while she was 10 months old. Here's the post: Piper's First Thanksgiving.

At 10 months old, Piper has some very strong opinions, a big personality and understands so much more these days! She loves to mimic us, which is so much fun! Piper clicks her tongue when she's up to no good or when she is trying something new. It's a cute little quirk of hers!

Piper is a fairly good sleeper, she is getting better after a little setback (from teething, I suspect) in months 8 - 9. She is sleeping more through the night, now. Piper loves back and neck rubs! If she is having trouble falling asleep, we just rub her back and she goes right down. She also LOVES to read books. She could be entertained for an hour with us reading book after book to her, she loves books before bedtime!

Piper Grace, I love getting to know you more each day! You are so unique and smart. I am seeing how your mind works more and more. I love who you are and how you think. To my surprise, you are such a wild child! You love to run around the house with "dada"; the faster he goes with you in his arms, the louder you laugh. You love to feel butterflies in your belly when we toss you up and down. You love being wild, and I love watching you be wild and free. I love you spirit, little one. You are simply amazing.

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