Monday, January 4, 2016

Piper's First Christmas 2015

Although it's the first full week of the new year, I have to take you back to the end of last year. I took a little blog-break and during a time when a lot of wonderful things happened! I'll start out this week by sharing Piper's first Christmas with you.

Christmas 2015 was my favorite Christmas of all time.

This was our first Christmas as a family of three.

Christmas festivities began on Christmas eve and went on through the day after Christmas. We are so blessed with a big family to share our time with during the holidays. 

On Christmas eve, we visited my "nana and papa's" house for dinner and a gift exchange. We had beautiful weather for Christmas eve, so we took a few family photos outside after dinner.

Piper had so much fun ripping open gifts, and playing with the wrapping paper.

She had just as much fun playing with the new toys she received that evening, too.

For dessert, I made the best pistachio cupcakes. The cupcake was so light and fluffy and the whipped topping was decadent.

Not bad for being mostly jello and cake mix. I'm telling you, this is a recipe you've got to try! Check out my "Christmas Treats" post for the recipe, here.

Okay, back to Piper now. Christmas morning with Piper was really something special. We woke up early with Piper and she opened up all of her presents from "Santa" with just the three of us. It was so sweet.

Piper loved ripping up the wrapping paper and she really seemed to enjoy her gifts, as well. She was especially happy about her new big wheel!

After we finished opening gifts at our house, the three of us went over to my mom's house for Christmas breakfast and some more gift exchanging. Nick's dad joined us for breakfast at my mom's house, which helped alleviate an extra stop for the day.

Piper had a lot of fun opening her gifts at "grammie's". She was very spoiled this year by everyone.

Piper was ready for a nap around 10:30 a.m. and so we went back home for a couple hours to rest. I even got a little nap in, myself. Christmas day was very laid back and relaxed. We just went with the flow and it worked out really well for us all.

After Piper's nap, we visited my dad's house for another gift exchange. Piper had so much fun playing with her aunts Anna and Maria as well as her Uncle Nick! We exchanged gifts and received a new baby monitor (among other things) that we have been needing.

It was around 5:00 p.m. when we left for Busha's house (Busha is Nick's grandma). We ended our Christmas day there, where Piper was so happy to play with her grandma, aunt, uncles and second cousins.

The day after Christmas, the three of us went over to Nick's mom's house for a gift exchange and dinner. I remember feeling really excited that Christmas wasn't officially over yet. More good food, family and fun times? Alright!

Piper's first Christmas was definitely a Christmas to remember.

Thank God for our healthy baby, our healthy family and the times we were able to share this Christmas season.

We are so blessed.

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