Friday, February 26, 2016

Down Six Pounds in Six Days

If you haven't done it yet, now is the time to bust out your best Friday dance! I can assure you, Piper has already gotten her groove on a few times on this snowy Friday morning. We are just so excited for "dada" to get home and for the weekend to officially begin!

While we are excited for the weekend to come, I must say that this week has been pretty great in itself. I'm currently on a roll with counting calories and with staying within my calorie range. I peaked at the scale this morning and I have lost everything that I gained from my couple weeks of night snacking and bar nights

Last weekend, I weighed in at 253 lbs. Today, I weighed in at 247 lbs. I lost 6 pounds this week! I haven't had a loss like this in, dare I say, years? I was pretty excited to see that loss on the scale this morning!

I think I'll be peaking at the scale more often on Fridays now. I think it will give me a little extra motivation to stay on track during the weekend!

This loss didn't just happen. I made it happen. Like I said, I got back on track this week and now I feel like I'm on a roll!

Here are a few changes I made this week that seemed to make a big difference:

  • I went grocery shopping on Saturday so that Sunday was dedicated to meal prepping.
  • On Sunday, I prepped some healthy snacks for quick grabbing throughout the week. I sliced apples, pears and red bell peppers. I also prepped 12 egg muffins for a quick-grab breakfast option. Between my husband, Piper and I, the egg muffins lasted until about Thursday!
  • I've been making homemade dinners again, almost every night. One of our favorite meals this week was homemade fish gordita's. They were huge so we only needed one each! The taste was amazing! They were fresh and flavorful!

  • I've been going up to bed earlier. I feel like a lot of my night snacking was triggered from being tired. This week, I've given in to the feeling and I've been up in bed by 8 p.m. every night. My husband and I may still watch t.v. together and not go to sleep until 11 p.m., but it's the comfort of being in bed that helps keep me from seeking the comfort in food.

  • When I feel hungry, I drink some water. If I'm still hungry after about 10 minutes, I let myself have a small snack.
  • I've been taking my water with me when I leave the house. I got out of the habit of doing this because it's just one extra thing to grab on top of the diaper bag, my toddler, and everything else; however, it's worth taking! I drink so much more water throughout the day when I bring it everywhere I go.

All of those things helped me to stay within my calorie range this week. My current calorie range is between 1,610 and 1,960 calories. This number was calculated specifically for me, at my weight and with my goal in mind through the SparkPeople app.

I've been on this journey for a while and I know that the first week of being on track (I mean really being on track) can yield some pretty great results. The challenge now is keeping the momentum in the coming weeks, when the scale results aren't as amazing. Stay tuned!

Readers, what tip helps you stay within calories or points?


  1. That's amazing! Congrats on the loss! What an awesome feeling, right? Happy dance it up!

  2. Congratulations!! That is awesome. Keep up the good work!!