Thursday, March 10, 2016

Best Week in a Long Time

If you look closely at the picture below, you'll see the world's tiniest little pony tail on the back of Piper's head. Try not to smile at that, it's hard not to, I know.

I know that it's Thursday but I need to take you back to Tuesday afternoon. It was another great Spring-like day and so Piper and I decided to blow bubbles on the front porch while we waited for Evan to get off the bus.

Once Evan arrived, we left for the park. This was our second day in a row at the park. Piper must have remembered going there the day before because she was so happy when she pointed at the merry-go-round, as if she wanted to ride it again.

Yesterday was the warmest day of the week. The sun was shining and I had all of the windows in my house open. The fresh air has been amazing for our souls! Piper and I got ready for our Wednesday earlier than usual. We were out of the door by 9 a.m.

Our first stop of the day was to the grocery store. We grabbed some coffee, lunch meat and more fruit pouch snacks for the big girl. I do make my own homemade snack pouches for Piper when I can, but she is going through them so fast, I often supplement with the organic fruit pouches from the store. 

After grocery shopping, we visited my sister. She is on Spring break and so we got her out of bed to go for a walk down to the park. We packed a little picnic lunch and ate together under the gazebo. Spring Weather + Playing at the Park + Walking Outside + Picnic Lunches = the best week in a long time!

When Piper and I got home, she went right down for a nap. I had some work to get done on a couple of banners but it was over 70 degrees outside. I didn't want to go inside! So, I didn't. I brought all of my craft supplies out to our patio table and worked there, instead.

My work doesn't ever really feel like work to begin with because I love to craft but, working outside took that feeling to a whole other level. I could really get use to this outside office business.

Since it was Wednesday, Nick was home by 4 p.m.! We did some yard work for a little while before it was time for me to get ready for a dinner out with some friends! At dinner, I had the most amazing BBQ Chicken pizza. Pair that with a couple of beers and laughter with friends; it was the perfect end to a great day!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. Even though I had a couple beers and some pizza last night, I'm not too worried about my weigh-in. I know that I've done really well with staying within calories this week so my little splurge last night shouldn't put me too much over. At least I hope not!

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