Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Piper's second Easter has come and gone and I've got to admit, this Easter was my favorite Easter, yet. We spent the day having fun, surrounded by some of the ones we love. I couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate Easter! It's always good to remember why we celebrate. We celebrate because Jesus died for us, Jesus rose from the dead, Jesus ascended into Heaven and Jesus will come again. Hallelujah!

The weather on this Easter Sunday was beautiful all day long! The sun was shining and it was 76 degrees outside! I just kept thinking all day, God is so good!

Thankfully, just in time for Easter, the cough that Piper had been battling for over a week now mostly subsided and she was feeling back to her normal wild-child self, again.

On Easter morning, Piper had a couple visitors! She greeted early by her Grandpa Larry (Nick's dad) and then not too long after that her Grammie (my mom) came over with Evan (my little brother). 

Each year my mom and my little brother come over and hide the Easter baskets that the bunny delivers to their house in our yard. This year, though, we caught them in the act! So, they came inside and gave the baskets to Piper themselves. She was so happy to see them!

After Piper's late-morning nap, we all got ready to go to our one and only stop for the day. Usually we have a few places to visit, but there were a lot of germs going around and a lot of people weren't feeling well so we only had one stop this year. Despite how much we missed seeing some of our family this year, it was really nice to have no time constraints on how long we could stay at one place. It was a really relaxing and fun day!

This year, we had Easter lunch at my nana and papa's house. Piper enjoyed it all! She ate ham, peas, carrots, cheesy potatoes and macaroni and cheese! She even ate the ear off of a chocolate Easter bunny. She really loved that!

We barely spent any time inside on Easter Sunday. It was too nice out to stay inside. Right after lunch, we all headed out to play and sit in the sun!

Piper was only in her Easter dress for a short time after we got outside. She wanted to get down in the grass and play around. It was a good thing we brought some play clothes with us!

Piper spent a lot of time playing in the grass. She watched us play corn hole and she also got a to sit on her dad's mini bike with him in between rides. Nick had a lot of fun riding around and we enjoyed watching him! This Easter was pretty great!

I know it's not going to be too long before Piper insists on riding around with him on some of this fun toys he has, too. She is very daring, this little girl.

Nick's mom and stepdad came over after we all got home and gave Piper some more Easter gifts! It was still warm out so she opened her gifts outside! This girl is so blessed and loved!

As we come out of Easter weekend, I have to say that it is not lost upon me how blessed we are to have a healthy, happy family. These past couple weeks have been challenging with Piper being sick, but now that she is healthy we are more thankful than ever before. 

God is good, and we are so blessed.

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