Friday, March 11, 2016

Losing Weight with a Toddler

It's a happy day over here! Mostly because it's Friday! I'm also happy because my husband brought home a pretty little bouquet of flowers for me after work last night. He said a lot of sweet things about my hard work this week when he gave them to me, too.

Today, I didn't work very hard. It's been overcast skies out all day and that made me just want to crawl right back into bed during Piper's nap. So I did. It was wonderful! I fell asleep for about 20 minutes and then stayed in bed reading the Bible until P woke up.

Today was weigh in day! I've been weighing in on Fridays for a couple weeks and it's been working well for me.

This morning I was happy to find that I didn't gain any weight this week. I didn't lose anything, either. I am still at 246 lbs. I'm down 7 lbs. from mid-February!

Balance helped me maintain my loss this week. I counted calories almost every day, with the exception of a night out with some girlfriends. I had a couple beers and pizza that evening, however, I was a good girl for the rest of the week. Balance is my friend!

Eating with my toddler around is another way I'm keeping the weight off. Anytime I eat in front of Piper, she says "oh wow" and asks for a bite or "more". 

I'm mostly joking about Piper helping me lose weight by eating half of everything I eat. Sometimes I hide so she can't see me. Everyone does that though, right? Hah.

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