Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mid-March Resolution Check-in

It's almost mid-March. Wait a minute; that just does not seem right but, it's true! In knowing this, I think it's about time that I revisit my 2016 New Year Resolution and Goal list. The last time that I revisited this list was at the end of January. So, the progress made below is progress made since that time.

Here's a little key for you to better understand:
Red = did not work on goal or no progress made
Yellow = began working on goal but did not stay consistent
Green = success/consistently working toward goal!

2016 Resolutions/Goals

- More in-person Church (and online sermons)
- Lose 50 lbs. (starting weight: 250 lbs.)
- More date nights (twice a month would be nice)
- Sleep more (this one is kind of a joke)
- More calorie tracking

Business (Anything Rustic)
- More craft shows (at least four)
- Monthly book-keeping folders
- Work less with more intention
- Bi-weekly traveling office work (sheetz cafe, starbucks, etc.)
- More scheduled work; less blending personal/work time

- Aim for six posts a week
- Better balance with updates
- Learn SEO
- More recipes!
- More scheduled writing time

I'm really happy to see more green on my list during this check-in compared to the last one.

Ready for a date night with my guy <3

Date night's with my husband have been plenty and it's been wonderful! 

I've really been rocking it with counting calories and so that's been helping my weight loss. 

My business has been getting more attention and thanks to my blog post on maintaining balance, I feel really good about my time spent.

Unfortunately, my trouble area is clear. My blog has been getting the short end of the stick as far as my attention goes. At the beginning of the year, I wanted to aim for six posts a week but I've been averaging more like three - four posts a week. That is probably because I haven't been scheduling much time to write, and so I just write whenever I get the chance. I'm going to try to get better at this, along with the rest of my goals for the year!

Readers, did you make any resolutions? When did you last check-in? How are you doing with your goals?

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