Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3X and 4X

First, I must say, I love seeing Piper's pigtails in my rear view mirror during our travels together. We recently switched to a rear-facing big-girl seat and we are both loving it! It's been a long time coming. Piper has so much more room in this seat, now. Our goal is to keep her rear facing until she is two years old and I hope we'll make it that long. At 14 months old (okay - 15 months tomorrow), our girl is already the size of some two year old's.

Our Tuesday travels included a trip to Walmart. Piper loves to go shopping! She is such a good shopper. We haven't ever had any troubles shopping with her but now that I'm typing that out I feel like I need to knock on wood. I know the terrible twos are coming eventually (we actually already get a taste of the tantrums every once in a while). I just hope they don't interfere with our shopping trips. She's my favorite little shopping buddy!

While we were at Walmart, I bought new shoes for my girl and a few things for myself, too. I bought two new workout tops. I don't usually buy shirts with pictures or sayings on them but I really liked this one workout shirt that said "mind over matter"; so, so true. I bought my workout shirts in size 4X because, well, I like my workout shirts big and comfy!

While at Walmart, I also bought a couple of casual shirts, too. They are tunic length which is very necessary for me in this time of life. I bought these shirts in size 3X. I've been looking for some more flow-y, long shirts to just be comfortable in. These were it!

I'm not super happy about having to buy 3X and 4X clothes but, I know this is just temporary. I will get back down in size, I just need to work on it.

Speaking of working on it, I have been. On Monday and Tuesday I met my water goal of 100 ounces each day. I did keep track of my calories for the most part, even though I didn't post pictures on my Instagram account like I originally hoped to do. I went over calories last night but, when I peaked at the scale this morning I was already down a pound for the week and it's only mid-week. I'll take it!

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