Monday, April 25, 2016

Erie Zoo Membership

I don't know who is more excited about us getting our first zoo membership; Piper, Nick or myself? I think I'm most excited but, then again, I'm biased!

Piper is 15 months old right now and she is finally old enough to thoroughly enjoy the zoo. It feels so surreal that this part of our life has begun. It's the part of our life when have a toddler. It's the part when we're constantly learn new things about who Piper is as a person and exactly what she likes to do. It's the part when Piper is eager to explore and we're eager to show her new things.

I'm sure most kids are animal-lovers but, that isn't even a question for Piper. She loves all the animals. Nothing makes Piper laugh more than watching animals. Seeing Piper's face light up at the zoo lights up a piece of my soul. It never gets old. I love it.

After all said and done, the zoo membership cost about $100.00 for our family. We got the family plus package which covers Piper, Nick and I for the entire year and it also included 10 guest passes for our family and friends (we already only have 6 guest passes left).

On top of the family membership, we also bought 10 tickets for the train and carousel. They were offered in a pack at a discounted rate. We've already used our carousel tickets a few times! I'm excited to see what Piper thinks of the train, soon.

Another plus about our zoo membership is that it will also get us in to other zoo's at a discounted rate. We have scheduled a trip to the Pittsburgh zoo in July and we're planning to go to the Cleveland zoo in August. It's going to be a zoo-filled summer!

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