Monday, April 18, 2016

Feeling Uncomfortable

Nice weather has once again hit our area. I am hoping it is finally here to stay? I am also hoping I didn't just jinx that. Anyway, I have noticed that with this nice weather, I am starting to wear some more of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Another thing I am noticing is that these pre-pregnancy clothes are not feeling so great on me these days.

It probably didn't help that I just went on a three day comfort food binge with my husband all weekend. I'm talking Chinese food on Friday, pizza and wings on Saturday and subs with a side of cheese sticks on Sunday. Yeah, I'm up three pounds now. Check me in at 250 lbs even. Oy vey.

Today, I feel like I have just come out of hibernation. It's not just because my clothes are fitting tighter than before, either. The weight (20 lbs) that I gained during hibernation (i.e. the past year or so) has never been so apparent until I tried doing some of the things I could do so easily before. Walking around the zoo (twice this past weekend) made me more tired than I imagined it would have. Doing things such as walking around the park made my muscles ache for days. 

To say that I'm out of shape is an understatement but, what I'm more concerned about is that I'm out of shape compared to how out of shape I was before. While this realization could easily become discouraging, I am choosing for this to be even more motivation to lose weight. 

Doing simple things like sitting isn't even comfortable right now with all this extra weight on my bones. I can feel it the extra weight on my body. I am more aware of it. I am carrying 20 extra pounds on my body than I was use to, pre-pregnancy. I can feel the extra weight in my stomach resting on my lap when I sit. I can feel it under my side when I lay down at night. I'm not psychically comfortable in my own skin. It's a constant reminder of why I need to do this, now.

So, today I stayed on track. I ate within my calories and I'm working on finishing up 100 ounces of water right now. When my husband gets home from his night class, I'm going to go for a walk outside. I'm doing this.


  1. I read your blog daily and just love hearing about Piper. I'm starting The Whole30 program on Monday! My best friend tried it and found it was a great (and healthy way) to jump start her weight. Would love to hear your thoughts on it or journey through it as I find myself in a similar situation as yourself :)

    1. A - Thank you for reading daily! Wow. That's so sweet! I wish you the best of luck on your new program! Keep me updated on how it goes for you!