Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Last year, as my first Mother's Day (as a mother) approached, I made a list of goals for myself. I called them "motherhood goals". I just recently took some time to re-read those goals and I just can't help but smile.

I remember the moment I came up with those goals. Piper was in her bouncer on the kitchen table, and I was sitting on a chair in front of her. I began a sound recording on my phone, set it on the table and began making promises to Piper; listing out my goals as a mother. I cried happy tears as I spoke to her, and she cooed back at me with her three-month old baby babble. After I was finished sound recording my goals, I transcribed them into a post. You can read the post and the goals I came up with, here: Motherhood Goals.

This Mother's Day, I looked back on those goals I made for myself. Some goals aren't completely relevant for this time in our lives, but there are a couple goals that I'd like to work harder on. I'd definitely like to be more in the moment throughout my day. I have caught myself in a few moments where Piper is looking at me and I was looking at my phone screen. Granted, most of the time it's because I am reviewing the pictures that I just took of her, but still. My mama heart really doesn't like when that happens. It's a huge goal of mine to not let that happen as much.

I've also noticed that it's easy to get distracted when I'm on my phone; where one thing leads to the next in a sense. For instance, Piper will do something cute, so I take out my phone for a picture and boom; one thing leads to another, and I've been "gone" for five minutes. Social media, customer inquiries, text messages, emails -- it's easy to get sucked in once my phone is in my hand.

I'm aware of the time-sucker my phone can be and I'm taking steps to work on it. I have days where I have been putting my phone away and on silent for a few hours a day. It has already made such a difference to me. Customers can wait. Social media can wait. My girl is growing fast and I want to be in the moment for it all.

This Mother's Day wasn't all about self improvement. I had a great day with my mom, Nick's mom and my family. This Mother's Day was really special because it was the first Mother's Day where Piper physically gave me a gift. 

Nick caught this special moment on camera and it's my favorite video of all time. He gave her a little box and said "give to mama". With a big smile on her face, Piper took the box and ran toward me from the other room. My heart filled my chest as I watched her run to me with the box in her hand and extended in the air. She looked so proud, and she should have been. This gift is so very special to me.

I am so blessed to be Piper's mama.

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