Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Caught in a Whirlwind

I feel like I'm caught in a whirlwind. I'm just bouncing from one thing to the next right now. This week started with me in Pittsburgh with my husband and it's going to end with a wedding (we're both apart of the bridal party in my friend's wedding). Not to mention all of the stuff that will be going on in between! It's just busy over here!

On Saturday, I reopened my Etsy shop and by the time the weekend was through, I had a handful of orders waiting for me on Monday. That made me happy! It seems that I have reopened my shop just in time for the summer wedding rush. This rush is both exciting and a little nerve-wrecking. It's mostly exciting though; I love deadlines!

Right now I'm battling a chest cold so I'm not moving as fast as usual. I get tired easily. I managed to get two orders out the door yesterday, and I even pushed myself to walk the finished orders to the post office with Piper. I figured if have to work when the weather is nice, I might was well take advantage of the nice whether whenever I can. It turns out that the post office is just a 30 minute walk from my house. If the orders keep coming in like they have been, I think that's a walk we'll be doing a lot this summer!

I began this week out of town (I'll share a post on that soon) and I came back to a whirlwind of stuff. In knowing that, let's just say the first week of my June challenge is off to a bad start. I didn't track calories at all on Sunday or Monday. I know that I won't be staying within calories on Friday or Saturday with all the wedding festivities, too. Instead of setting myself up for failure, I'm not moving forward with my current goal for the week. I'm going to adapt to my circumstances and change my goal to something a little more attainable.

June Goals - amended

June 5 - June 11: 30 minutes of activity 3x this week
June 12 - June 18: Drink 128 oz. of water a day
June 19 - June 25: Eat five fruits and veggies a day
June 26 - June 30: Stay within calories 5 / 7 days + Drink 128 oz. water a day

I'm not giving up just because I'm caught in a whirlwind! I'm pressing on!

Readers, what is your goal for the week? Any changes need made to assure your success? I'd love to hear how you adapt to a tough week!

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