Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fun Weekend Wedding

Two open bars, two weekends in a row, cause a gain on the scale. I'm up about 4 lbs. right now (248) and so, it's my new goal to get rid of that weight by the end of the month.

If you read yesterday's post, then you know that two weekends ago, we were in Pittsburgh for my husband's graduation banquet. There was an open bar, all expenses paid dinner and overnight stay included. We took full advantage of our time in Pittsburgh, and even though it helped attribute to a gain on the scale, I have no regrets. We had an amazing time that we'll never forget!

This past weekend, both my husband and I were in my friend's wedding.

It was really nice to be in the wedding together with my husband. There was another open bar at this event, and we took advantage of that, as well. (Hence the gain on the scale.)

The wedding was so beautiful, and despite the forecast of rain, the weather was perfect, sunny and warm. The day went really smooth, and it went by so fast. My husband and I had a really great time! It was even better that Piper got to join us at the reception.

My mother-in-law watched Piper during the day, then my mom and sister brought Piper to the reception in the evening.

It was so nice to have both my mom and sister at the reception, following Piper around. However, we didn't have to follow her around too much anyway; Piper spent most of her time on the dance floor with the rest of us!

Piper had a blast on the dance floor at the reception. She danced for what seemed like hours. We all had the best time! I may have even shed a tear or two just thinking about how one day it will be Piper in the wedding dress and Nick dancing with her for their dance. I know, I need to stop, but I can't help it.

After the reception, my sister drove Nick and I to the bar so we could hang out with our friends for a little while longer. It worked out great because my sister is 20, so even though she couldn't drink she was still able to hang out with us at the bar and have some fun. Then, she safely drove us home to our sleeping baby.

The events leading up to any wedding can be stressful, but I can say that all the stress was worth it because this was another amazing day that we'll never forget!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog. The weekends both sounded fun! As for the weight....you know why you had a gain. You celebrated and had fun! It's part of life! The victory is in getting back on track!!!!!

    1. Great insight! I am looking forward to getting back on track :) Thanks for the comment.