Thursday, June 2, 2016

Goals for June 2016

June is here and I'm planning on making it a great month in so many ways. Our calendar is filling up with fun events for my family and we're planning to hit this summer hard!

I went ahead and planned out a goal to work toward each week this month. The last week of the month I'll be working on two goals. These first few days in June are freebies. My Spring Break from my Etsy shop ends on June 4th and so I'll jump right into these goals the next day, on June 5th.

Goals for June:

June 5 - June 11: Stay within calories 5 / 7 days
June 12 - June 18: Drink 128 oz of Water a Day
June 19 - June 25: Eat five fruits and/or veggies a day
June 26 - June 30: Stay within calories + Drink 128 oz of Water a Day

Starting weight: 244 lbs.    |    Goal weight: 234 lbs.

I kind of feel like 10 pounds is another aggressive goal, however, the quote "shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll end up with the stars" comes to mind every time I do this to myself. Last month, that quote rang true! I didn't meet my 10 pound goal last month but I still lost weight, which is better than not.

If you notice, none of my June goals include exercise. There's a reason for that. Since it's been nice out, I've been getting one to two workouts in per day. Refer back to my "Two a Days" post from last week. I don't think I'll be having any trouble staying active in June!

Speaking of being active -- during my Spring Break from the shop, I have finally had some time to really figure out my FitBit. I know, it's not really that hard to figure out but it's taken me all of 5 months to realize that you can add friends and challenge them! I have been having so much fun participating in FitBit challenges with my friends these past two weeks! If you want to add me on your FitBit, you can search me by email!

Readers, what are your goals for June?

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  1. Over the weekend while we were in Philadelphia, I really wanted to beat my husbands steps. He always has more than me. So while we were at the hotel letting the baby get in his morning nap, my husband had laid down with him. I got up and was pacing around the room to get in some extra steps. When my husband seen this he got and started running the room. All you see is us running around trying to sabotage each other and trying so hard not to laugh and wake up the baby!