Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Phone Dump

As I was going through my phone, I found some pictures I wanted to share with you. They're completely random pictures from our time together these past couple weeks. I wrote a little caption for each photo.

Sunday morning cartoons in bed

Shade tent for our beach days from Nina and Papa

Afternoon snuggles

Her new favorite spot to watch TV; on her horsey.

Stroller rides by the lake

Stroller rides around the neighborhood

Sunsets at Nina and Papa's

Picnic at Nana and Papa's

Kisses for daddy

Watching the clouds in the grass

Big enough to color her own picture now

Back when our living room was still dark green

We made some changes this weekend

Dark green to light tan - let there be light!

Happy with our brighter living room :)

Snapchat fun after Piper goes to sleep

You can see more randomness on my snapchat: username: "goaloflosing"

That's all for now, have a good weekend!

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