Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Zoo Pass + Toddler-hood

Back in April, I shared with you that we decided to get an Erie Zoo Membership! It's now three months in to our membership and so I wanted to give you an update on how we're liking our membership, now. 

{Spoiler alert: we're loving it!}

Piper and I have been going to the zoo a few times every month. We had bought 10 guest passes with our membership so up until last week, we were bringing family with us each time we'd go.

Last week, Piper and I went to the zoo by ourselves for the first time. It was a lot of fun, just the two of us. It was nice to go at our own pace, sticking around the stuff Piper enjoys most and skipping the stuff she could do without.

At almost 18 months old, one thing Piper absolutely cannot do without is a ride on the "choo choo" train. Here's a cute video of her saying "choo choo":

A video posted by Kalyn (@goaloflosing) on

Waiting in line for the choo choo is always the hardest part of our entire zoo trip. I usually try to time it out so we only have to wait a couple minutes for the train to arrive but boy, are those couple of minutes super long to a toddler. 

During our last visit, I got a little more wise in bringing some snacks with us in line for the train; that helped distract Piper up until she saw the train pulling in; then she couldn't get to the train fast enough. 

In true impatient-toddler fashion, as soon as the train pulled in, Piper tried squirming out of my arms and running ahead in line. That was all before I brought her back in her place in line, where she then sat on the ground, crying in a tantrum, because she didn't understand why we had to wait for the people to get off the train before we could get on. Oh, toddler-hood; it's so amusing.

Readers, has anyone else taken advantage of their local zoo membership this year?

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