Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall is Good for Business

It's been a while since I've given you an update on my business. I guess one way to sum it all up is to just say that things are getting busy over here! Fall is right around the corner and the Fall season proves to be a busy time for Anything Rustic. Fall is a time for beautiful rustic weddings, a time to decorate with some rustic Fall decor and shop for rustic Christmas gifts. We cater to it all!

Last month, at the end of my Summer break, Anything Rustic was involved in a local craft show. The show was called "Light Fest" and it was hosted by The Light in the Woods. We sell some of our rustic treasures at The Light in the Woods gift shop, so it was really special to be involved in this particular craft show. This was the first year for Light Fest and it was a great success!

My husband joined me for the day at Light Fest and we had a really great time together. We met some new people and made a bunch of sales. Right after the craft show was finished, we unloaded all of the remaining inventory into our new warehouse! Did I mention that we have a warehouse now? It's about time. Our basement was getting overrun by our rustic treasures and now we have a storage unit for them all!

At the beginning of the year, I was a little ambitious in making it a goal to participate in four craft shows this year. I am probably going to only participate in two, maybe three. I thought I would participate in more this summer, but this summer turned out to be quite eventful for our personal lives. We had a lot of fun this summer!

My next craft show for Anything Rustic is being held on October 22nd. It's being hosted at the same hall where Nick and I had our wedding reception, the St. John's Conference Center. I will be doing this show mostly on my own, and it will be my first time running the table without Nick by my side. We didn't want to have to get a babysitter for every craft show so this is the first one I'm going to run solo, while Nick stays at home with Piper. Nick always entertains me throughout the shows so I am not sure what I'm going to do when things get slow. I hear this show is suppose to be fairly well attended so I may not need entertained at all. However, if you're local, I'd love to see a familiar face at the show! Stop on out :)


  1. Will you be doing anything for the Albion Fair? it might help your business, just suggesting

    1. Thanks, Alicia! We have looked into the Albion Fair but decided that we'll just go for pleasure, for now :)