Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fall Craft Show and Pumpkin Carving 2016

It was a little quiet here on the blog all weekend and that's because we were busy working and having fun!

Losing 6 pounds wasn't the only thing I was working on last week, my husband and I were also working on getting ready for a Fall craft show! The show was held on Saturday and it was a lot of fun! Here are some of the items we have up for sale:

Getting ready for the craft show and being there at the craft show was a lot of fun! My mother-in-law sat with me most of the day, while Nick watched Piper. In the afternoon, my mom went to relieve Nick so he could sit with me, and help me pack everything up, too.

It just has to be said that without my husband and the help from our mother's with Piper, I wouldn't be able to chase my dreams so easily. I am so thankful for them all!

On Sunday, we got together at my mother-in-law's house for our annual family pumpkin carving! It was so much fun this year with Piper! She painted her own pumpkin with finger paints and she loved watching us work on carving ours, too.

I made a cat pumpkin this year because Piper is slightly obsessed with cats right now. She calls them "kitties" and she is really good at saying "meow"! She also is fairly good at saying pumpkin, for the most part it sounds like "onionk". It makes me smile every time.

Between the craft show on Saturday and the family gathering at dinner-time on Sunday, it was a little bit of a struggle to stay within calories. I tried to calculate my calories as best as I could, both days, and I really feel as if I staying within them, but right at the top of my limits. I also made a big effort to drink a ton of water at the craft show on Saturday. I ended up drinking 6 bottles of water before the day was over, and counted that as a success!

On Monday, I was feeling a little behind on things after our fun and busy weekend. I had some orders that needed to go out the door that day and things got a little frantic. I didn't stay within my calories and I didn't drink much water, either.

I'm feeling a little less chaotic today, and I'm ready to get back on track for the rest of the week!

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