Friday, October 7, 2016

Flashback Friday - Fair Week - 2016

Oh, my heart. This post is an extra special one for me. We live in a small town and every September, we go to our small town's fair. I have been going to this fair since I was a little girl. The fair is actually the place where I fell in love with my husband, when we were only 15 years old. This little fair holds so many fond memories for us both, and now we get to share the fair with our daughter for the second year in a row. It's all just so sweet and sentimental to us.

Piper is at a really fun age right now. She was almost 20 months old when it came time for the fair this year. She had a lot of fun walking around while holding our hand, but would let us push her in the stroller from time to time, too.

Piper found a love for chicken fries dipped in ranch at the fair this year. She got chicken fries almost every day, while Nick and I got our annual (and sometimes fair daily) Gyro's.

There's no doubt that the fair food is good, but Piper's favorite part of the fair was visiting the animals each day!

At our fair, we probably have about 8 - 10 animal barns filled with animals. There's a rabbit barn, multiple cow and horse barns, a sheep barn, a pig barn and a goat barn. In the goat barn, there was a little children's play place, which Piper really enjoyed!

I had so much fun watching Piper light up when we were in those animal barns. It made me want to have a little animal farm of our own! Since that's not really in the cards for us right now, we took our time enjoying all of the animals at the fair.

Let me just take a moment to say that this picture below of Piper pulling me along is the epitome of walking around the fair with a toddler. She was a busy bee and we were along for a really fun ride with her that week!

Out of all of the animal barns, there was a clear favorite for Piper. Piper was obsessed with the sheep this year! Every time we would go into the sheep barn, she would run over to the pile of hay and feed all of the sheep. It was the cutest thing she could have ever done.

I couldn't be more happy that she loved the sheep as much as I do; they are my favorite animal! I even choose a sheep theme to decorate Piper's nursery. I guess we are both a little obsessed with sheep.

We got to spend a lot of time with our family and friends at the fair this year. We live in a small town so even if you don't go to the fair with somebody, you end up walking around with someone you know before too long. That's what's great about living in a small town!

I made sure to spend a lot of time with my sister at the fair this year, because this was her last week home with us before she moved to Guam. Looking back at this picture is bitter-sweet because she's been gone for almost a month now. 

It was really hard at first, but I'm so glad that we spent so much time together before she left, and we still get to talk to her almost every day.

The fair was a great time this year, and I'm already dreaming about what next year will be like with an almost-three-year old!

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