Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Healthy Weight-Loss Rewards

Today, I want to talk to you about weight-loss rewards. A weight-loss reward is just another card in the deck when it comes to reaching your goal of losing weight, and to be honest; it's one of the more fun cards to play. 

Have you ever heard of the saying, "keep your eye on the prize?" Well, this is what I think they were talking about, or at least this is what I'm talking about. Goal setting, action planning, follow-through, success and then, ah-hah, a reward. Reset and repeat until ultimate goal is met.

Now, when I say weight-loss reward, I'm not talking about treating yourself to a cheat meal because you've been staying on track. Nuh-uh. I'm talking about healthy weight-loss rewards. Rewards that will help you feel good about yourself throughout your journey of losing weight. 

I like to reward myself for every 5 pounds lost. You can see all of the weight-loss rewards I have gifted myself, thus far, by clicking here: Goal of Losing's Weight-Loss Rewards. As you may find, I haven't been rewarding myself in a couple years now, but that's all about to change. Why? Because it works. It really, really works!

Right now, I have my eye on a certain prize and it just so happens that the prize is on sale. Best news, it's not just on sale for me; it's on sale exclusively for my readers, too!

Fabletics is giving away (and I mean, giving away) a $15 exclusive offer to new members. With this offer, you'll get a top + bottom outfit for only $15. All you have to do is take a quick five-question quiz (I took it myself and it took me less than a minute) and the VIP Member Offer is yours, all yours.

Take your quiz, now: Fabletics Lifetsyle Quiz. You'll receive the $15 Fabletics Outfit* at the end!

(*exclusive offer expires with limited quantities, so act fast!)

Now, I've invested in a few workout clothes this past year, and since doing so, I have found that it really makes a difference in my workouts. When I feel good in my workout clothes, I workout harder and feel better. That's how I decided that I wanted to make a workout outfit from Fabletics my next weight-loss reward. The fact that the outfit is on sale sweetens the pot even more. 

I know that this reward is one that will keep me motivated in my weight-loss journey, so I can reach more weight-loss milestones and therefore, receive more weight-loss rewards.

Readers, do you reward yourself when you lose weight or reach your goals? What are your favorite rewards for yourself and how often do you reward yourself?

disclosure: this is a sponsored post. all opinions here are my own.


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