Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sansa Comes to Town

On December 1st, Santa came to our little town. Piper was the first in line to see Santa for the second year in a row! She loves Santa, or "Sansa", as she calls him.

For the past few weeks, I have been talking "Sansa" up to Piper. When we would see a Christmas tree decorated, I would tell her, "Santa is coming soon". Then, when we decorated our house for Christmas, things started to get even more real for Piper. She started seeing him on her favorite t.v. shows, and in books that we borrowed from the library. She knew all about Santa before her visit this year.

The day that Santa was to come to town, I told Piper that we were going to go see him that night. She was excited and talked about "Sansa" randomly all day. It was the cutest thing!

Santa arrives at the town fire hall around this time each year, and he arrives in a fire truck! This night when Santa came to town, it was cold and a little rainy. We decided to watch him arrive from inside the fire hall, which meant that we not only stayed dry but we ended up being first in line for the second year in a row!


When Santa entered the room, Piper lit up! She was so excited to see him! "Sansa! Sansa!" 

After he sat down, Nick walked Piper up to Santa and sat her on his lap. Piper waved to him, and was so impressed when Santa waved back at her!

Santa asked Piper if she was a good girl this year and she responded with some babble that sounded like "jus jus jus ja jus". Nick and I cracked up! She is such a sweetheart. It's the sweet and precious little moments like this that completely make my life.

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