Monday, January 9, 2017

A Goal Without A Plan

It's finally begun. My HealthyWage Challenge is underway! {Not sure what I'm talking about? Catch-up here: Betting on Myself.}

I have to be honest. Starting a new challenge on a Friday made me itch. To be even more honest? It even irked me that the HealthyWage Challenge started on January 6th, instead of right at the New Year {which happened to fall on a Sunday this year -- how much better does it get than that?}

For some reason, my brain has been trained to believe that fresh starts happen at the strike of a new year, a new month or on Sunday and Monday's. Blame it on being a type-A personality, or what have you. It just makes more sense, right?

Well, come to find, I was wrong on this one. It really doesn't matter when you start; just that you start.

My HealthyWage Challenge started on Friday and it actually worked very much in my favor. Instead of starting the challenge on a Monday {when, let's face it, things can get a little hectic}, I started on a Friday; the beginning of the weekend, when my time gets a little more freed up. 

Have you ever heard the saying, "A goal without a plan is just a wish"? Well, I know from experience that it's true. That's why I am starting this challenge with a clear plan of attack.

Since the challenge started on a Friday, I had the entire weekend to plan, grocery shop and meal prep. I spent a majority of my free time this weekend, preparing for a healthy week ahead. It worked out great!

Week 1 - Breakfast Options:
~ Breakfast egg salad (recipe coming soon)
~ Breakfast sandwich
~ Eggs, turkey bacon and toast
~ Smoothies

Week 1 - Lunch Options:
~ Soups
~ Salads (antipasta, etc.)
~ Chicken salad sandwiches
~ Seafood salad sandwiches

Week 1 - Dinner Plans:
Monday - Leftover Chili or Burrito Bowls
Tuesday - Ground Turkey and Brussels Sprout Skillet
Thursday - Fish with Asparagus and Rice
Friday - Homemade Chicken Bacon Ranch Naan Pizzas

Week 1 - Snack Options:
~ Strawberries
~ Bananas
~ Hummus w/ pita chips
~ Blueberries
~ Raspberries
~ Smoothies
~ Grapes
~ Cheese
~ Tortilla chips and salsa
~ Dark chocolate, etc.

My personal goal throughout this HealthyWage Challenge is to lose a total of 15 pounds in 12 weeks. I am going to do that by staying within my calories; drinking 120 oz. of water a day; exercising a few times a week (starting week 2 or 3), and; by staying held accountable through posting my meal plans and progress here! Most importantly, I'm going to practice grace when it all doesn't go as planned.

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