Friday, February 10, 2017

Be Like a Tree

I love trees. They are so fascinating. I love to just sit and watch them, all year round. In the fall, they shed their leaves so it's branches can bear the weight of the snow in the winter. Tree's don't need to be told to do that, they just do it. I am learning that I need to be more like a tree; that I can do it all, just not all at once.

If you've noticed, I have been trying to post regularly during the week-days and have been taking off the weekends. It has been working great for me so far, however, his is the first week since the new year that I have been unable to post daily during the work-week. Business is picking up for Anything Rustic and writing has been one of the leaves that dropped as I bear the weight of the extra work coming in right now.

Writing is such a release for me, though. I won't ever drop it for too long. Like the leaves on a tree, writing is a part of me. It helps me sort out my feelings and regain perspective. I learn more things about myself when I take the time to write. I learn what I have been doing wrong and what I have been doing right. I learn what is most important to me.

While my goal is to post here daily, Monday through Friday, I want to keep in mind that I need to be more like a tree. When I need to bear the weight of extra responsibilities, I can shed a leaf or two until the busy season passes. This goes for all areas of my life. 

Sometimes, I have enough time and energy to be the best friend I know I can be, and other times, I am not living up to my full potential. There are times when I have so many new experiences and thoughts to share here on the blog that I could blog daily and still have so much more to share, and other times not so much. There are weeks when I make homemade meals from scratch almost every night, and other weeks where I'm lucky if we get one homemade meal {that's not from a box, bag or can}.

Seasons are ever changing, and like the trees, we must change with them. Like the trees, we must know when to drop our leaves to bear the weight of a tough season. We must take the time to be still when the winds of change aren't whipping us around. We must stay rooted, and close to what makes us feel strong. If we stay deeply rooted, we will grow and won't bend until we break when the winds come at us.

All of these thoughts came to me just from taking a little bit of time to sit in my favorite seat in my house and look out my window at the big tree in our backyard. It was one of those moments where the wind died down a bit and instead of continuing to rush on to the next thing, I choose to be still and take a few moments to grow. Those moments are so important. I am seeking more of them these days. I am being more like a tree.

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