Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Drop Week

It's drop week for Anything Rustic.

My desk is so cluttered, working at it gives me the feeling of something crawling under my skin. It's been taking everything I have to keep the kitchen sink from overflowing with dirty dishes {and most days I'm losing that battle}. I've re-washed the same load of laundry three times because I keep forgetting to swap it until the next day {make that 4 washes}. I've been wearing presentable real-world clothes {which is normally a rarity} until I fall into bed sometime after midnight each night. I've been forgetting to eat until it's way too late, only to eat whatever is quickest to make or grab at the end of the day. It's been a hectic, crazy, out-of-routine week. It's drop week!

Drop week is the week when my husband and I make and drop off a bunch of our handmade products to sell at local shops under consignment. Up until this past week, Anything Rustic only consigned at "The Light in the Woods" in Edinboro, PA. Now, my small business consigns at a few local shops! 

This month, we added two new shops to our list of consignments and everyone's drop seemed to fall in the same week. The juggle is real, you guys. It's been fun and it's been hard. The reward is so great, though. I love each and every consignment we're in right now. Local shops have my heart, for sure. I am working with some of the best people!

Since I am now dealing with multiple consignments, I have made it a point to provide a local-exclusive item for each shop we work with. All of the local exclusives can only be found at those shops locally, however, we will be offering them online, as well.

The Light in the Wood's Exclusive: "Lichenberg Figures" by Anything Rustic

The Albion Pharmacy's Exclusive: "Albion" Wood Signs by Anything Rustic

Peter's Chocolate Shop's Exclusive: Rustic Wood Trays by Anything Rustic

Along with the shop exclusives, we also throw in a variety of our other handmade items to sell. Each shop carries a small line of our select burlap banners; the handmade product that started it all.

This week, I am working hard to keep all of the balls in the air as I juggle it all. In order to stay on track with trying to lose weight, I have been keeping my water bottle handy and giving myself loads of grace as we make it through this drop week!

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