Thursday, February 16, 2017

Visualize Success to Be Successful

This week hasn't been going according to plan. I've had a few stressful things pop up, and the Valentine's candy came just at the right {or rather, wrong} time. Don't get me wrong, we had an amazing Valentine's Day! All three of us got dressed up nicely for the occasion and did a family date night at a local restaurant. We had the sweetest time. My husband also bought me some of my favorite chocolate covered caramels for Valentine's Day {two days ago} and they are long gone, already. 

And the twizzlers? Let's not even talk about the twizzlers. Okay, fine, I'll talk about them. I bought twizzlers last weekend because I saw them and thought it would be a nice treat. Well, they ended up being the catalyst to me getting any work done this week. As I worked on my orders for Anything Rustic this week, I did so with a pile of twizzlers next to me, and always with one hanging out of my mouth. The twizzler bag is finally empty and I am not going to get another bag for a while; not until I get a little more self control back. 

I have been referring back to my post from the other day, where I declared that I will no longer let the tone of the week determine my success for each day. I'm going to finish out the week meal by meal; realizing that each meal can either count toward my success in losing weight, or count against it. Just because a majority of my week hasn't been great, doesn't mean that today can't be great.

Now, to get to the real reason I started this post to begin with; today I wanted to share a little trick I've been using to help visualize my success. I went through some old pictures of myself and found one from when I felt really good in my own skin. I'm talking about when my clothes fit nicely, and I was just overall happy with how I felt in my body every day. I remember feeling more limber, and more healthy in general.

At the time this photo was taken {in Virginia Beach, 2013}, I wasn't anywhere near my goal weight, but I felt good. I was exercising more consistently and I was eating well 80% of the time. Never have I been perfect in my ways, and for that I can rest easy. I don't need to be perfect to lose the weight and feel good in my own skin. I just need to do a little better.

The real catch is that I was only about 15 pounds lighter in this picture than where I am at now. Given, this picture was taken before I had a baby, so things have shifted a bit since then, but, I am looking forward to reaching this weight again regardless.

I am looking forward to feeling even better in my own skin, and by looking at this picture every day {it's my laptop's background}, it reminds me to make better choices so I can get there faster!


  1. I love this! I used visualization a lot growing up as an athlete and nowadays I use it when I give big presentations and to get to the gym! Imagining how I'll feel after my workout typically gets me there.

  2. I reached it this year! I got back to this weight and I feel so great!