Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day in the Life at Two Years Old

I have been meaning to post this update since Piper turned two in January, but not much has changed in our daily routine these past two months. So, as I'm finding myself saying a lot more often these days, it's better late than never!

6:00 AM

I woke up on Monday morning knowing that I wanted to document the day specifically for this post, which gave me a little extra motivation to wake up the first time when my FitBit's silent alarm went off at 6:00 a.m.

{Side note: I am seriously in love with the FitBit silent alarm using vibrations. Prior to using the silent alarm, I swear Piper could somehow hear my phone's alarm going off despite both of our doors being closed and her sound machine being on. She would wake up right along with my phone alarm, every time, so having this silent alarm has been a serious game changer!}

Just like most mornings, Piper was still sleeping when I woke up to my alarm. I tip-toed past all of the loud creeks and pops that our floors like to make and made it down the stairs successfully without waking Piper up! Nick was still here at that time, getting his morning smoothie ready. I helped him pack his lunch for the day and after a bit, he was off to work. After Nick left for work, I made myself some tea and went over my plan for the day.

6:30 AM

With my tea and the baby monitor by my side, I worked on my computer for a bit; posting the link to yesterday's post on my Facebook Page and checking Etsy for any new orders. I printed out the new orders that came in over the weekend and put them in my inbox for later. By this time, Piper rolled around and let out a little whimper, so I knew she was about to start waking up for the day. It usually takes her a good 10-15 minutes to fully wake up, so I jumped right in the shower and got myself ready. By the time I was done with my make-up {not an everyday thing} it was 7:15 and Piper was sitting up in her crib, talking to her stuffed animals. I warmed up her bottle and went up to greet her with a big "good morning".

{Disclaimer: Piper gets about 8 oz. of warm, 2% milk twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. We just recently switched from whole milk to 2%. She drinks water at all her meals and rarely has juice -- usually only at grandma's house. This is what works for us and may not suit everyone's standards.}

Almost every morning, Piper wakes up in a good mood. I think she gets that from Nick! Going up to get her in the morning is such a delight. I love to hear her say "good  morning" in her little voice as soon as I open the door. Like yesterday, she often has stories to tell me first thing, either from her dreams or replaying something that happened the day before.

Some mornings, Piper will ask to go to my bed to drink her bottle and other mornings she will drink it in her room; either with me rocking her in the chair or while getting her diaper changed. This morning, she wanted it while I was changing her diaper, and I snapped this picture as she was finishing up. I absolutely love this peaceful time of our mornings together. I think having Piper give up the bottle with be equally hard for the both of us.

7:30 AM

That peaceful time didn't last long. As soon as Piper was done with her bottle, she was ready to rock and roll! Like most mornings, we stayed upstairs for about an hour. I do this purposefully to try and keep her away from the T.V. first thing in the morning. Right next to Piper's nursery is her playroom. There is no T.V. in her playroom, and we like it that way! 

It's almost always a guarantee that Piper's playroom will be a disaster every Monday morning. {No judgement, please. Hah!} It's part of my routine to spend some of my Monday morning cleaning up from the play-room destruction that ensued over the weekend. Nick and I would much rather spend our evenings together doing anything other than cleaning up all the the toys in her playroom before bed. So, I leave it for mornings, when Piper and I can clean up together. And when I say "clean-up", I mean that I try and put the room together faster than she can tear it all apart again. It's a fun game for both of us!

8:30 AM

After cleaning up and playing in the toy-room, we went downstairs to let the dogs outside. Seeing the dogs reminded Piper of her current obsession: walking around with a "tail" hanging out of her pants. So, I had to put a boa in her pants {like we've been having to do quite often lately}.

When the dogs came back in the house, Piper ran for their treats. Piper loves to make the dogs wait for their treats {the power-struggle between the toddler and the dogs is real} so I often have to encourage her to give them their milk bones {all without me laughing at the situation, of course}.

On this Monday morning, I made us both some raw organic cacao smoothies with strawberries, bananas, whey protein, spinach and coconut milk. I have been trying to replace my morning cup of coffee with the natural mood-boosting benefits of cacao, and so far it has been going well. I still crave a cup from time to time {it's only been about 3 days so far} but thankfully, I don't get grumpy without having the coffee, like I use to. {Side note: I'm not giving coffee up for good; just trying to drink it less often.}

Piper loves "moohies", as she calls them! On this morning, she insisted that we both sit down on the kitchen floor to drink our smoothies. She really dressed up for the occasion, too. {I swear this kid hides hats all around the house. She loves to wear hats and is always surprising me!}

After a few minutes on the floor, Piper asked me to watch "The Bee Movie". So, I put that on for her while I fixed us each small plate of breakfast to go along with our smoothies.

9:00 AM

Piper had a plate of mixed berries, a hard boiled egg and cheese. I had a hard boiled egg and buttered toast. I let Piper eat her breakfast while she watched "The Bee Movie" so I could clean up some dishes and get some things together for our big excursion of the day.

After she was done with breakfast, I gave Piper her new daily vitamin and took my vitamins, too. I found these Animal vitamins for kids at Whole Foods during my last trip, and they have been a hit so far! She loves them!

10:00 AM

After getting Piper dressed for the day and out the door, we went to a local pharmacy to check-in. I am selling a few rustic wood signs and a few banners there on consignment. I like to check in at least once a month to see how things are doing, and to check out all the new things they have in store!

After the pharmacy, Piper and I went to the library. Our local library is only open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This past Saturday, Piper, Nick and I all went together for a bit before lunch. That's when the picture below was taken.

Piper and I spent about an hour at the library on Monday morning. She played with some puzzles, we read some books, and she did a little running around before we went home for lunch.

12:00 PM

When we got home, I put together a quick lunch for the two of us. Piper had some fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, cheese and white beans. I had leftover chili from last Sunday's dinner.

After lunch, I started cleaning up the dishes. When I was finished, Piper asked me for her "binky". That meant to me that she was ready to go upstairs and start winding down for her nap. She requested to lay in the big bed with me instead of going straight into her room, so we read some books and played "this little piggy" on her toes in the big bed until she was finally ready to go down for her nap.

1:00 PM

Piper fell asleep around her normal time of 1:00, despite it being the second day of Daylight Saving Time. We basically practiced for a week ahead of time with the new schedule so the time difference isn't affecting us too badly. I never realized how big of a pain Daylight Saving Time really was until I became a parent.

As Piper slept, I began uploading the pictures for this blog post and typing some of it up. Once I got caught up to the moment in the day in this post, I turned on a T.V. show for background noise while I began working on some of my banner orders from Anything Rustic.

3:45 PM

Nick got home from work and Piper was still sleeping! This long of a nap happens every one in a while. She usually takes anywhere from an hour to a two hour nap, but on a rare occasion she will take a full three hour nap and it gets to the point where I start to miss her! Piper woke up around 4:00. We all caught each other up on how our days were going and after a bit, Piper and Nick went upstairs to play in the playroom while I got dinner ready for all of us.

5:00 PM

We all ate dinner together around 5. Nick and I had a chicken sausage stir fry and I made Piper a burrito bowl. We all had a great meal together and finished our plates.

5:30 PM

Since the library was open, I went back to the library after dinner, only this time it wasn't to play. I left Piper at home with Nick while I went to work on some paperwork for my business at the library. I have my own little designated spot there. I've been going a few times a month for many months now. Sometimes getting out of the house helps boosts my productivity and I can manage to get my bookkeeping done faster there.

7:00 PM

I arrived back from from working at the library to find Nick and Piper watching "The Bee Movie" {round two for the day}. Nick must have caved in to her endless requests for "Bee". I got some really good cuddles with Piper on the couch while Nick got some stuff done in the garage.

7:30 PM

Around this time, Piper gets her shower, books read and her night-time bottle. Nick and I sing songs to Piper and tuck her in for the night around 8:00.

On this night, Piper rolled around for a good hour before fully falling asleep. I blame it on the time change because she is usually good at falling to sleep within 15 minutes of being put in her crib. Nick and I watched some TV together on the couch, and took turns going up to soothe Piper until she fully fell asleep around 9:00 p.m.

10:30 PM

Nick and I binge-watched a few episodes of our favorite show on the couch after Piper went to bed. Before we knew it, it was already 10:30 p.m.! Once we realized how late it was, we let the dogs out for the night and headed upstairs for bed shortly after.


  1. If it makes you feel better, my 2 year old drinks his milk out of a sippy cup in the morning and before bed and he usually still likes to cuddle while he's drinking it

  2. That does make me feel better, thanks! :-)