Monday, March 27, 2017


If you stopped by on Friday, then you already know: I lost 6% of my body weight and reached my HealthyWage goal! 

It feels so good to say that "I DID IT! I reached my goal!" By losing 6% of my body weight, I lost a total of 15 pounds in just under 3 months.

HealthyWage Progress - week-by-week:
January 6th: 253.8 lbs. 
January 13th: 247.5 lbs. 
January 20th: 246.5 lbs. 
January 27th: 246.3 lbs. 
February 3rd: 241.5 lbs. 
February 10th: 243.7 lbs 
February 17th: 242.1 lbs. 
February 24th: 241.6 lbs. 
March 3rd: 241.4 lbs. 
March 10th: 239.4 lbs.
March 17th: 240.3 lbs.
March 24th: 238.2 lbs.

Losing 15 pounds in 3 months was a good rate for me. Could I have lost more in that time-frame? Probably, but, I decided to not deprive myself of anything during my HealthyWage Challenge. I lost the weight slow-and-steady. {If you haven't heard, slow and steady wins the race!} 

Throughout these past three months, I have eaten a lot of the food I love. I ate out Chinese food, Mexican food, Chicken Wings, Cheesecake, Brownies, Cookies, and best of all; I ate Dark Chocolate almost DAILY! Another thing I ate almost daily? SALADS, lean protein, raw vegetables and fruit! Basically, I ate it all.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have tried hard to maintain a steady balance between the "good-stuff" and the "indulgences". I found that staying within or around my calorie range was essential to losing this 15 pounds, and; while I don't particularly advocate for eating processed junk food when you're trying to lose weight, I just wanted to share that I was able to lose this weight without giving anything up in particular. I just gave in and practiced balance. I made sure to let the healthy food outweigh the not-so-healthy stuff, every time.

The reason why my blog is titled "Goal of Losing: Losing Weight While Living Life" is because of this right here. I didn't put my life on hold while I lost this weight. I didn't have to give up the things that I loved in order to lose this 15 pounds; I just had to eat in moderation and practice balance. If I splurged a bit on one meal, I made sure to eat lighter and healthier at the next meal. 

The difference between me being on a diet and me living a healthy lifestyle really comes down to this: I didn't give up just because I gave in to temptation; no, instead, I just worked harder until I reached my goal. I overcame the diet-mentality {a battle I fight from time to time} and I won!


  1. Great job!!!!! That is how it should be done!!! Still living a life and not really depriving yourself of anything! Great job of having your cake and eating it too!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your support, MaryFran!

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  2. YAY!!! You did fantastic! Way to go!! I like that you keep things balanced and dont deprive yourself. You are a great example of determination, perseverance, and grace. Thanks for keeping me motivated and encouraged.

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