Tuesday, March 21, 2017

On Praying with a Two Year Old

This is a blog about my journey of "losing weight while living life" and, this particular post is all about the "living life" part.

Around the time of Piper turning two, I started asking myself, "how do I teach Piper to pray"? How do I teach Piper about God? It's a little intimidating to think about teaching her a subject that I don't fully understand myself. I don't have all the answers. Then, I remembered nobody has all the answers, except Him. I guess that's the point. Faith is the point.

I was so concerned about how to introduce Piper to God. I prayed on it and came to realize that Piper didn't need to be "introduced to God"; she already knows Him. I decided I would just start praying with Piper but, I wondered, how do I start praying with my two year old?

The answer I came upon? Just start. 

I started by letting her see me pray. One night, after I layed her in her crib, I said, "okay, let's pray to Jesus". I put my hands together and she mimicked me. She watched me intently as I prayed for our family members and thanked God for our health and for one another. When we were finished I said "Amen", looked at her, and she said "Amen". Just like that, Piper said her first prayer with me.

I wanted to bring prayer with us everywhere we went so, whenever I would think about praying, I would let her know. One day in particular comes to mind. While we were driving around together, I told her to look at how beautiful the sky was that day. It was bright blue with big fluffy clouds. The sun was shining; it was idyllic. She looked at the sky, saw the big clouds I was talking about and she said "oh wow, amazing!" I told her, "let's pray to Jesus and thank Him for this beautiful day". I looked back and saw her hands were pushed together and she listened as I said our prayer. I finished with "Amen" and she repeated me happily. 

I can't explain how it makes my heart feel to see her begin her relationship with God, right there in the backseat of my car; while looking down at her laying in her crib, or; while sitting there with us at the dining room table. There is no right way to start praying with your child and there is no right place to start; it was just important to for me to start.


  1. Our daycare is very Christian and everyday before meals they sing "Thank You Jesus" I didn't know about it until Claire was about 18 months old and started singing parts of the song at our meal times. (I had to ask daycare what the words were) By the time she was around 20 months old she was singing the entire song before our meals. Now that she is 2 I can clearing understand her. The song goes..."Thank you Jesus for this food, for this food, and our many blessings and our many blessings. Amen, Amen." This is sung to the tune of "Frara Jocka" or "Where is Thumper"
    It started with HER singing it and now we all sing it :) My daughter LOVES music and has so many songs memorized. So what I am getting to...music might be a great way to teach Piper about God.


    1. Kayla,
      Thank you for sharing your experience! What a sweet story and great advice. I look forward to sharing this song with Piper! :-)