Monday, March 6, 2017

When Things Get Busy

Happy Monday! Anyone else have a busy week ahead? Well, if you've been reading my posts lately then you know I've had a busy couple of weeks. It's starting to become a trend, actually. This week, Anything Rustic is starting out with double the amount of orders that I'm use to fulfilling in a week's time, and this week has just begun! The weekend-order game was fierce this past weekend!

I am beyond excited to be so busy with my small business, however, with the increase of work comes the decrease in any "me-time" I could previously use to work on myself and my goals. With this being the third week of being extra busy with my business, I have come to realize that I need to better plan out the week ahead so I can stay on track with my weight-loss goals.

I spent a little time on Sunday making up a game-plan for staying on track with my weight-loss goals throughout this week. Here are the three things that are going to help me stay on track!

1. Meal Planning - I made a plan for dinner each night this week.

Sunday: Zuppa Toscana
Monday: Fish with Asparagus and Couscous
Tuesday: Chicken Sausage Stir Fry
Wednesday: Fish with Broccoli and Quinoa
Thursday: Ground Turkey and Brussels Sprout Skillet
Friday: Wings and Naan Pizzas

2. Grocery Shopping for the Entire Week Ahead - I stocked up on all the healthy food we need for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks {cauliflower, broccoli, blueberries, raspberries, apples - we have healthy snacks for days!}

3. Exercise Planning - I made a plan for my workouts this week. My workouts aren't intense by any means, but it's still important to get the activity in {especially during these colder days when we aren't getting outside at all}.

Sunday: Treadmill {done!}
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Treadmill or Walk at the School
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Treadmill or Walk at the School
Friday: Rest

The final weigh-in day for my current HealthyWage challenge is coming up fast! The earliest we can weigh-in is next Friday but we don't have to officially weigh-in until the end of the month. I am so excited! While I didn't lose any weight this past week (only like .2 lbs) I am still positive that I will reach my 6% body weight loss goal before the challenge is through.

HealthyWage Progress - week-by-week: 
January 6th: 253.8 lbs. 
January 13th: 247.5 lbs. 
January 20th: 246.5 lbs. 
January 27th: 246.3 lbs. 
February 3rd: 241.5 lbs. 
February 10th: 243.7 lbs 
February 17th: 242.1 lbs.
February 24th: 241.6 lbs.
March 3rd: 241.4 lbs.

Goal weight: 238.6 lbs.

January - March Weight Loss: 12.4 lbs.!

Even though I didn't have any significant weight loss this week, I am still proud. Despite being very busy and going off-track with some of my meals last week, I maintained my 12 pound loss! I am going to reach my 15 pound loss goal by the end of the month!

This week, on top of sticking to my meal and exercise plans, I am going to try and drink 120 oz. of water each day and stay within my calorie range. I haven't been posting all of my daily eats on my Instagram Food Journal lately, but I'm thinking that will be making a come-back soon, as well.

Make it a great week, everyone!

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