Thursday, April 20, 2017

I Feel Defeated Today

Nobody ever wants to share when they're stressed out, anxious or just plain old down in the dumps. Well, I'm going to talk about it today. These past couple weeks have had some really high-highs and some low-lows.

The highs:
We had an amazing Easter
My mom got a new house
Piper started swim class this week!! Ah yay!!
Nick and I had an amazing date day/dinner date
The weather has been mostly nice
I'm getting a lot more outside-time
My sister is past-due with her first baby so I'm becoming an aunt any minute now

The lows:
Housework is out of control
Laundry is piled up to the max
Work {with my business} is kinda nuts -- okay, really nuts
I feel behind on everything that I usually have under control
I over-scheduled myself for the next two weeks
I've been over-indulging on unhealthy food way too much
I'm dehydrated and I've gained some weight, see: weekly weigh-in's
My sister is past-due with her first baby and she's halfway across the world, so I can't be there even though it's where my heart is right now.

I usually try to find more good points than bad but, reality is, it's not always like that in life. The important thing is how you deal with it all. Lately, I've been dealing with it by eating way too much and way too late at night. I feel out of control and I'm going to really try to get some of that control back. The first step: sharing my defeat. 

I feel defeated today and, that's okay. Not every day is going to be a win. Not every week is going to be a win. What matters most is that I stick through it, and come out on the other side. I don't necessarily even have to come out stronger. I just simply have to make it out. I will make it out to the other side.

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