Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Potty Training - The First Three Days

Remember how my blog is about me "losing weight while living life"? Well, this post is more about the living life part -- with a toddler! Reader beware. Potty training has kind-of begun in our household!

We aren't super consistent with the potty training right now so, please don't expect this to be one of those posts where I tell you my toddler got potty trained in a very intensive potty-training-boot-camp weekend type thing. Not like there's anything wrong with that, we just don't have any need to rush things over here.

After all, along with training Piper to actually use the potty chair, I am trying to train myself to remember to ask her if she needs to go potty, too. Instead of forcing it with either one of us, things have been pretty laid back for these first three days.

Here's how it all started...

On Good Friday, April 14th, Piper randomly asked to go on the potty. Her potty chair had been sitting out in our bathroom a couple times before, just to get her use to it being around, but it has been in the basement for about a little over a month now.

I put the potty chair away when she started teething hard on her two-year molars. Piper didn't need any extra pressure during that time. Just recently, like within the past week, her two year molars came in fully and so, her asking for the potty chair to come back was really in perfect timing. I decided to act on it right away. I brought the chair up from the basement and she sat on it for a little while. Nothing happened that morning but, she was happy to be a big girl sitting on a potty for a couple minutes.

Later on, right after her nap, I decided to ask her if she wanted to try to use the potty again. She was very excited and said "okay potty yeah". So, Nick and I both took her downstairs and sat in the bathroom with her for a little bit. 

First, she wanted mama to sit on the big potty too, and then it was daddy's turn. After a few minutes, I told Piper to try and go toot on the potty. I figured she didn't know what it meant to go pee or go poop since I don't acknowledge when she does those things {since she's still in a diaper}, but every time I hear her toot, I tell her "Oh you tooted, say excuse me". So, she definitely knows when she toots and how to do it.

She tried to go toot on the potty, as I asked, and instantly she started peeing on the potty. I was sitting next to her on the floor when I heard her start to pee; I looked at her excitedly and she looked at me with fear in her eyes. I told her, "Yay! You're going pee on the potty! Good girl! Yay!" She said "Yay" in an unsure tone and got up to see what she had done. She looked in and looked back at me worried and said "Mess! Oh mess!" {Haha} I told her, "It's a good mess! Yay!" and she repeated me, "Good mess!"

I had Piper wipe and flush her potty. I told her she could have a sticker some ice cream for going "toot" {pee} on the potty! She said "Horray, ice cream!" and we all celebrating with some afternoon ice cream!

The next day, I asked her a few times if she wanted to go on the potty and it was a firm "NO, I NOT". I didn't push it, and I said that was okay. On Easter Sunday, I asked even less often {because we were running around, visiting family} but, again, it was a firm "No" from Piper. She didn't even want to try and sit on it.

On Monday, I decided to ask again. In the morning I asked twice and both times she said, "No, I not". I told her, "Okay, but let's say 'not right now' or 'maybe later', instead". So, when later came, right after lunch, I searched YouTube for a potty training song, and played it for Piper without saying a word about the potty. She asked to watch the potty song a few times again before I suggested watching the song while sitting on the potty, just like the video showed. She was a little reluctant, but nothing like she was before, so I decided to make it as fun as possible and she went for it.

I swear, we watched the potty song with her sitting on the potty about 20 times. No exaggeration. It was about 30 minutes into sitting with her when I decided to bring out the bribe: chocolate. I said that she could have some chocolate if she went "toot" on the potty. She was really excited. She wanted some chocolate, so she started to try and push. Nothing happened.

I went and got her a sippy cup of water and a book to read. I put the chocolate on the counter, where she could see it and told her "You can have this chocolate when you toot on potty". I asked her if she wanted me to still sit there with her or go, and she said "go sit on couch". So, I sat outside of the open door of the bathroom, out of sight, and waited. 

I told her "Just yell 'mama I tooted' when you go toots and you can have chocolate". It was less than 5 minutes later when I hear her happily exclaim "MAMA, I TOOTED!" I was so excited for her, and she was so excited too! She peed on the potty for the second time in three days! I said "YAY! YOU TOOTED!" and immediately gave her the chocolate.

I know that potty training is a really long process so, I'm not putting a deadline on anything. I also didn't do any research on the topic before we started potty training, which is kind of unlike me. Piper prompted this potty training adventure and I've been going off of my gut instinct and her ques naturally, ever since. With that being said, I am always open to advice so please, share any tips you may have with me! 

I can't be certain but, I have a feeling we're in it for the long haul here. I think the potty chair is out to stay. I don't have any intentions of making Piper potty train before she's ready; there's really no need. But, I do want to keep Piper as interested in the potty chair as I can since we got the ball rolling. 

Here's to the next stage in toddler-hood! I'm going to try and help make this as stress-free on all of us as I can by being patient, not setting any deadlines and just letting her call the shots.

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