Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Overcoming Addiction with Grace

I've come to find that since I've been going back to church with my family on Sunday, it's on Wednesday when my heart and soul need a little pick-me-up. Come mid-week, I like to reflect back on the message I heard on Sunday in church and, since it was another relatable message, I'd like to share it with you here again.

My family went back to Grace Church this past Sunday, and it was a relief to be back. Almost like the feeling you get when you come home after a long day of work, that's what it felt like to be back in church this past Sunday morning. Before going back to church, and since I've been staying at home with my daughter for the past two years, I haven't felt that as much as I use to when I worked away from the home. It was a welcomed feeling to feel the relief of being back home, at church, after a long week away.

The sermon at Grace this past Sunday was one on the topic of addiction. When I heard the topic of Sunday's sermon, I knew exactly how this message would relate to me, in my life. Since I am overweight and write a blog about trying to lose weight, I'm sure the most sought after conclusion could be that I'm addicted to food. While it may be true to some extent, that isn't the addiction that stirred in my heart as I listened to the sermon on Sunday. The addiction that I seem to constantly battle, rather, is an addiction to my smartphone. Can anyone else relate?

I feel like it's easy in this day and age to have an addiction to smartphones. It's something I'm trying to overcome by turning off pop-up notifications {more on that below} and even going as far as putting my phone away for specific periods of time throughout the day or night. As I listened to the sermon, which I have shared below, I kept my struggle with my smartphone in mind and found it all the more relatable for me.

As shared in the sermon, here are some signs that you may be battling an addiction:

1. Your Responsibilities Begin to Suffer
2. You're Building a Tolerance
3. You're Unable to Cut Back
4. You Take Greater and Greater Risks
5. Your Behavior Changes

Here are the 3 problems for those enslaved by addictions as outlined in the sermon:

1. The longer the problem persists, the more discouraged you become
2. The longer the problem persists, the more excuses you make
3. The longer the problem persists, the more you compensate for that problem

Being enslaved to my smartphone does make my responsibilities suffer and, even when I try to cut back, I find myself still finding an excuse to have it nearby. My biggest problem with giving up my smartphone is that it's also my camera most days. I can't tell you how many times I go to get my phone out just to take a picture of Piper and then, I see that I have a new notification. That's when I end up lost in my phone, enslaved by it, for 10, 15, or even 20 minutes at a time.

After listening to this sermon, I turned off all notifications on my phone aside from Etsy {for my business} and FitBit {to motivate me to workout}. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and even Text Messages will no longer show any sort of notifications on my phone. If I want to see if I have a new message, I have to actually go into the app -- which I think will prevent me from accidentally losing time, when I'm just going to check the time or take a picture with my phone.

As for the act of going back to church, this was our second week back and we are already feeling very much at home. When we got to church, Piper remembered where she was suppose to go to "play with kids" in the nursery, and we were able to leave her there with no problems at all. She did a craft with her new friends and played with the kids while Nick and I received the message in service.

We have all been loving our new Sunday routine! While I will admit, I use to be guilty of thinking that getting ready to go to church was a hassle for our family, I've found now that it's actually the act of going to church that makes our day complete and puts us all in a better place to take on the week ahead.

Going to church on Sunday is a reset for our soul. It's where we get our suit of armor to take on the battles we face during each week. It's where Nick and I reconnect and, we find a base for living out our everyday life. Going to church at Grace is where we belong.


  1. It's amazing how a good church service and hearing God's word spoken soothes the soul!!!

    I've made huge strides in stepping away from my phone!!!! It's not important!!! The people I'm with are the important ones!!!