Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thankful Thursday #2

You guys. It's raining. AGAIN! ljkdsfaopsdjf. Ugh.

If you remember last Thursday at this time, I shared with you my first "Thankful Thursday" post. I decided to share a Thankful Thursday post last week in effort to cheer myself up after days and days of being stuck inside from the rain.

Well, this week hasn't been much better weather-wise. It's be cold -- oh so cold -- and rainy, yet again. So, I'm going to do what worked for me last week and take a little bit of time this morning to focus on a few things I am thankful for this week.

Lavender & Chamomile Candle

A clean work space seems to make me more productive. Even more so? A clean work space with a good smelling candle lit. Oh yeah! This lavender and chamomile candle smells like relaxation and pampering in a jar. I love to light this candle during Piper's nap time, while listening to some music and getting a little work done.

Girl's Nights Out

Last night, I got to meet a group of my friends that I've kept since high school. There are six of us and we always have so much fun when we get together. We met for dinner and drinks and we ended up talking and laughing for two and a half hours at that restaurant. I think I laughed more last night than I have all week combined. I love my friends!

May Goals 

I'm thankful for my May goals to help keep me on track this month! Even though I went out to eat last night and didn't calculate the calories from my entire day, I still know that I'm doing alright for this week overall. I haven't been sticking to my May Goals perfectly by any means but, just knowing that I have those goals to work toward has been helping me make better choices. So, even when I'm going off track by eating out and enjoying a drink, I'm not going overboard or continue going down that road of overindulging. Instead, I am hopping right back on track today because I've got goals!

Working From Home

Week after week, I am thankful that I get to stay at home with my daughter while running my own business but, this week especially. Piper caught a little cold {which my husband also caught last night} and so working from home, or rather the lack thereof of work this week, has been a blessing. I was able to put a few projects on hold this week so I could spend more time where I was needed most.


I am so thankful for technology and, specifically, for Facetime. Without it, I wouldn't be able to see my sister while she's over in Guam with her husband and my new baby nephew, Declan. I get to see Declan almost every day, and even if I don't get a chance to Facetime them, I am always in touch by text. I couldn't imagine how heartbroken I would be if I wasn't able to see them every once in a while.

Readers, what are some things you're thankful for today?

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