Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Little Sweet Moments

Is it just me or is life is extra sweet in the Spring?

After having some really hard days a few weeks ago, I am cherishing the fact that I have been having some really great days, lately. I've been having days that start with me going outside early in the morning, where I take some time to breathe in the fresh air and have few moments to myself. I love to sit in backyard on my new double rocker in the mornings and just listen to the world wake up around me.

Speaking of my double rocker -- this mama put it all together by herself! All Nick had to do was tighten up the screws a little more when he got home from work. I gave myself a pat on the back for that one.

Since life has been so sweet lately, I started keeping track of the little things that have been making me happy. I just started taking notes on my phone, something I'm going to try to do more often. I've noticed that the more that I keep track of the little things that make me happy, the more I appreciate the little things that have been right here in my ordinary days all along.

Last week the weather was so nice, we did most of our clothes drying on the line out back. Piper likes to swing in the tree swing while I'm hanging the clothes up on the line. I usually get two items up on the line before she needs pushed again. It's almost like a game -- trying to see how many clothes I can get up on the line before she says "again, again", for me to push her again.

Whenever I am done hanging the clothes on the line, Piper loves to run through them and last week she asked me to follow her while she did it. Running through the clothes with her reminded me of when I use to run through the sheets hanging on my great grandma's clothes line when I was little. I suppose that's why I love drying our clothes on the line out back -- it's nostalgic for me.

Hanging clothes on the line to dry in the warm breeze while listening to the chirp of birds in the tree above and feeling the sun's warmth on my back were a few of the things little things that made me happy last week. Nick and I recently cleared off our patio, which held a lot of storage through the winter months and now that it's starting to look like the patio we once had, I can't wait to share with you some pictures of how it looks now-a-days, soon!

Our apple tree is blossoming beautifully this year with pink flowers, some of which have shed onto our lawn now, leaving a beautiful dusting of pedals in the grass. Piper loves to play under the apple tree. It's her little imagination-land and I love to watch her walk back and forth under the tree, talking to herself and playing with various stones, sticks and whatever else she can find on the ground over there. It's those little moments that I love to watch -- because in those moments, I get a glimpse into her world, and remember how wonderful and amazing everything in nature and all around us truly is.

A few other things that have been making me happy lately: when I take the time to make a good hearty weekday breakfast for Piper and I; morning snuggles with my girl; weekday grocery shopping when the store is stocked well and there aren't many other shoppers; evenings doing yard work with Nick and Piper; potty training{!!}, and; story time at the library.

Potty training is going so well; I couldn't be happier for my little girl. I am staying really relaxed with it all; most of the time she is the one to remind me that she needs to use the potty, and I think this is a good thing for us both. Piper is a very independent little girl and she likes to take responsibility for things and do stuff on her own.

As for story time at the library, I think she's finally at the age where we can start going consistently. Piper has a hard time sitting still {as most kids do at 2 years old}, but she's starting to get the concept that we only have to sit still for a short while {while the book is read}, and then we get to do a craft! We're going to start doing story time more often, now.

It makes me so happy to see Piper out and making new friends. Piper has a fairly active schedule this Spring. She's in swim class a couple nights a week, and now we're going to start going to story time weekly. We also have a lot of play dates lined up!

It's definitely the little things like this that make my heart feel big with joy!

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